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Please contact me before you place an order so we can discuss about how you want your music visuals to be, Thank you.

As a¬†Pro GTA 5 Music Visuals Creator¬†who has been making¬†GTA 5 Music Videos¬†for over¬†Three years, you can¬†Expect an excellent work from me.¬†I’m here to¬†make you that mind blowing GTA 5 Animated Music Video everyone will love.

I will make a GTA 5 music visual with a Character That Looks Like You (if you want it to), Perfect Story & Plot, Perfect Clips, Smooth Transitions, Nice Sync, Color Corrections & Smooth Shakes. I can create as many characters and scenes as you want for the music video.

Reasons to hire me:

  1. I offer unlimited revisions
  2. Your Character in the music video will Look Like You (if you want it to)
  3. I can put your Brand/Logo on clothing etc
  4. I Use Professional animated music video Making and Editing software
  5. I will provide High Quality video 1080p (Full HD) or 4k (Ultra HD)
  6. I can make music video of any Genre (Racing | Romance | Comedy | Action | Horror | Adult | Gospel)

Looking forward to make you excellent GTA 5 animated music visuals!


What is a GTA 5 music video?

A GTA 5 music video is an animated music visual that delivers a music idea in a simple, engaging, and direct way created mainly using a video game for PC called “Grand Theft Auto 5”. It combines cool animations, appealing images, and a clear visual to quickly grab the viewer’s at.

What software do you use?

I use 3ds Max, Zmodeler, Adobe Premier Pro, Texture Toolkit, Photoshop, GTA 5 for PC, Rockstar Editor (which is a feature exclusive to GTA 5 for PC), Menyoo (which is an addon for GTA 5 for PC), Simple Trainer (which is an addon for GTA 5 for PC), Map Builder (which is an addon for GTA 5 for PC) etc

Do you create custom characters or animations?

Yes i do, the character i’ll create will look like you (if you want it to).

Apart from audio file, do you need any other file?

Yes I’ll need a very high quality picture of yourself so I can make your character look like you when making your GTA 5 music video. If you don’t want the character to look like you, you can simply not send a picture of yourself when ordering and I’ll make a character that will fit the song.

Can I promote the video on social media sites?

Yes, you can promote it on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram etc.

Can I use the video without copyright issues?

Yes the videos that I make are copyright free and can be monetized without any problem.

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