I will make a professional animated lyric video

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you perhaps looking to strengthen your art in a special way-a lyric video.

Behind every song, there is a excellent story to tell. I believe that, a professional artist should have his own ability to tell his story through a lyric video without investing a lot of money and energy, it should be simple and affordable.

That’s why I’m here, to make sure it will be simple and affordable for EVERYONE.

If you think the same and you need a lyric video – JOIN ME to make it happened!

my portfolio, please take a look,,, 



What will you get?

•  You will enjoy my creativity, experience, and communication.

•  You’ll get a professional lyric video using the best quality.

•  Your lyric video will represent your song mood.

•  I will provide a budget-friendly price and unlimited revisions.

• You can contact for any kind of reference video as you want.(budget depends on quality)

What should you provide?

•  Your song theme (in one sentence).

•  Your song file.

•  Your lyrics

*I can provide artwork, use a custom font and way more, contact for details.

Let’s create some art, together.


Can i choose the backgrounds/colors myself?

sure! just provide me all the information. you can decide about images, placements, colors etc.

Can i provide more than one background image/color?

Yes you can.

What systems and software programs have you used?

* I am using Adobe After Effect, Cinema 4D, Adobe illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premier Pro.

Can I see your portfolio?

Yes, just contact me 🙂
also watch,

What languages do you speak and are you proficient working in?

English, Hindi, Urdu, Spanish, Bengali etc.

Can I choose the font?

Yes! you can choose font.

Can i show you some reference video?

Of course! you can show me any kind of reference videos as you want.
Price depends on quality of Animation.

Can you add a visual footage?

Yes, if you are interested please contact me for that 🙂

Can you do a lyric video in my language?

As long as the Alphabet is Latin, then yes!
otherwise i need some help from you.

Can you incorporate a video footage I have into the lyric video?

Yes, but please contact beforehand to discuss ideas & details.

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