I will make an pro anime music video amv with your song in 4k

I will make an pro anime music video amv with your song in 4k


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  • Welcome! Before placing an order consult by message first

  • Welcome!

Welcome to my gig, I am a editor of the Trash Community, I have been making AMVs “Anime Music Videos” for 8 years, If you are a singer or a band or you have a song that needs good scenes that generate emotion and the viewer likes them, I am your right man. I am a trustworthy and responsible editor I hope I can count on your support

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We will make an AMV with Perfect Story, Scene selection, Exelent Sync & Effects , Color Corrections, Overlays and VFX

Reasons to hire me :

  1.  we’ve been editing anime videos for over 8 years 
  2.  we use Professional editing software Davinci Resolve & Adobe After Effects CC
  3. we can provide High Quality 2160p (4k video quality)
  4. we can make AMV of any Genre [ Romance | Comedy | Action | Horror]
  5. we can work with every music genre Jazz, Pop, Rock, Rap, EDM, Trap, Metal
  6.  we always deliver work before the deadline
  7. we have done over 100+ orders Here

  • What I need?

All I need is your song, in MP3 or Wav format it is high quality.


Thank you for trusting In us


Do you create animations?

I do not do it, I edit with anime series already created with transitions and visual effects

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May 2020

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1 hour

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3 days

5 reviews for I will make an pro anime music video amv with your song in 4k

  1. geraene

    Overall Communication with the Seller was subline. The end Result is just as I described and how I wanted it to be. Thus this seller is very talented for what he does, keep it up and shine on :)👍🏾🤙🏾

  2. ryn0_prod

    Dude this is awesome, you’ve really made a dream come true today, you’ll definitely be getting more of my business soon 🙂

  3. caydoe

    He knows his gig and does exactly what he offers!

  4. santiago2loco

    WOW!!! Im extremely happy at the music video I got done. I was quite specific and had it all explained to me what can be done and what cannot be done and the end result was mind blowing. I would highly recommend and cannot wait to work again with Kaishot Visuals. Thankyou.

  5. soltanteccc

    It was cool, worked well with the music video and was hella fun to work with, did his thing n he did a good job, would recommend

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