I will make animated trippy psychedelic visuals and lyric music videos

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welcome to my psychedelics and trippy animated and lyrics music video gig

why you need my services

  • As you know shooting and making a proper video demands a lot of budget, actors and proper setup
  • i can make a very dope trippy psychedelic music video for your song and lyrical video its and eye catchy and trendy
  • animated visuals is the best and easy way to express you song
  • psychedelic is a new trend in market and its very unique
  • I will create trippy psychedelic visuals and lyrics video
  • not just it i will add cool lyrics on it if you say that enhance the beauty of visuals

My Services

  • trippy video
  • psychedelic visuals
  • lyrics work
  • HD quality
  • your satisfaction
  • stock visuals
  • authentic work
  • Synchronized lyrics
  • Trippy random visuals


  • Note: I don’t do character animation
  • prices are different for each project depending upon the song nature and work required

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