I will make animated trippy psychedelic visuals, lyric videos

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why you need service?

  • The best way to express your song is with an animated video.
  • I am offering a different kind of trippy psychedelic animated music video which is very trendy and eye catchy named psychedelic visuals
  • it has very cool unique animated visuals.
  • I will create trippy psychedelic visuals and lyric video for your song.
  • Not only that, but I will also add lyrics uniquely that your video will become attractive and cool.(add on service let me know first if lyrics needed)
  • cost effective animation for your song

My services Include :

  • Unlimited revisions
  • ultra HD
  • psychedelic visuals
  • Trippy animated visuals
  • Attractive Backgrounds
  • Synchronized lyrics
  • Your satisfaction
  • stock visuals
  • psychedelic animation
  • lyric video


  • I don’t do any kind of character animation
  • special discount on bundle songs


is lyrics included in premium lyric video pakage?

no. i charge 50 extra for lyrics service if you want me to write lyrics on the video let me know first

what are psychedelic visuals?

this is a very unique kind of animation work that will help you get audience attention and the way i do it will cost you very less as compare to the conventional animation work

you do character animationand script animation ?

no i dont do any kind of character animation Actually if make from the scratch it will cost you according to per frame and in 2 minutes video there are 2k frames at least
So for 2 minutes video it will cost you 2k dollars
Thats why we use stock and other stuff to give trippy and proper vibe video

is trippy animated video and psychedelic visuals are the same?

yes these are the different names of same stuff

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