I will make beautiful animated lyric video for your song

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My Name is Yusif.

I will make amazing lyric visuals for your song like my portfolio samples

I’ve been making lyric videos for more than 2 years. I’ll do exactly how you’ll ask me to do for your song with multiple revisions.

I can creatively edit with my own ideas (If you need a lyric video but have no visions regarding it)

  • The Editor/Software that I use is FILMORA.
  • I can edit lyrics visuals for any type of Music Hip-Hop, POP, ROCK, Metal etc.
  • Requirements:-

Audio file in any format(mp3, wav etc)

Text Document of your lyrics(doc,word etc)

  • I can make it in 24 hours too but please contact me first. 🙂
  • If you have any doubt or query just let me know and I’ll help you clear all your doubts.

It will be my pleasure to work for you and provide a great service.

How to get started?

Place the order and submit requirements and I will give my best to make sure the video lives up to your expectations :D.

Thank you so much for visiting my gig.

Best regards,



Lyric video Requirements:

Any Audio File. Your Lyrics In Text(Doc,word) file or any additional things you wanna add to the video

Can i do lyric video editing in any language?

Yes Of course just provide me the text file of those lyrics

What file type of our lyrics Text Scripts should I send?

Any Music Audio File Doesn’t matter as long as it is playable : )

How Do I Place An Order?

Will be appreciated if you contact me first so that there is no doubt in your mind before you place the order 🙂

Can I Add A Video Footage You Have Into The Lyric Video?

Yes Of course just send me that file : )

Can i do it with my own creativity if you don’t know how your lyrical video should look like?

Of course if you have no idea about how it should be done then just leave it to me i’ll amaze you with my creativity.

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