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*I can’t do songs related to a certain religion, I can only do music that is universal, love for others, or friendship*

Do you want to make a karaoke video that you want to custom? you’re in the right GIG 🙂 now you can make karaoke video using your song or songs from your favorite artists, it doesn’t have to be instrumental, you can also order it with the original song file (with vocals) so you can learn and be guided by the original vocal sound 🙂

Required file:

1. Audio/Video Song (With Vocal Version)

2. Instrumental Song (Optional)

3. for Background: Video Clip / Photo (Choose One)

3. Lyrics of song

* Send me Video / Photos Material

* By default the karaoke color effect is “White” and “Orange” … or

* Notify me for karaoke color effects (send me a color code if you want to change it)

* The Output Aspect Ratio is 16:9 (1080px)

* The Output file is Mp4 (H.264)

Do not hesitate to ask!

I’ll be happy to answer it 🙂

The Advantage of using our services is…

Because we give priority to Beautiful Results, Neat, and Clean 🙂

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