I will make music promo video in less than 24 hours

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With A Neutral Appearance, The Theme This Time Makes Everyone Will Definitely Like Watching This Promotional Video, Everything Is -to THE POINT-, All The Information That Appears Will Make It Easier For The Audience To Understand The Purpose Of Your Music

New Year’s New Look, I’ll try to produce a music video ad every month/year, I’ll always make it easy, so for those of you who don’t like the hassle, you can just send me a few of the materials I need! ❤

Provide us your:

  1. Cover Art
  2. Audio
  3. Artist Name & Song Title
  4. Music Store

You will get 3 videos at once:

  • 1500*1500 Square (1:1),
  • 1080*1920 Portrait (9:16), and
  • 1920*1080 Wide (16:9)

Don’t hesitate to ask!

I’ll be happy to answer it 🙂

Note: Font Type n Color Can Changeable


What Do I Need To Prepare To Get Started?

You Only Need To Provide Top Text (For Example: New Single – Out Now), Artwork, Audio, Song Title, Artist Name, And The Platform Used (For Example Youtube, Spotify, Apple Music And Others)

How Can You Make It?

It’s My Instinct To See And Select The Color And Shape Of Your Artwork, I Can Get A Lot Of Ideas From Your Artwork (So You Don’t Have To Give A Lot Of Instructions) I Also Ask For Suggestions Of Fonts That You Like

Can I Give A Suggestion For The Font?

Yes You Can Provide Input Along With The Name Of The Font You Want To Use. It Can Be A Simple One (Flat Design) To A Font With A “Brave” Style (Like Lots Of Color Gradations And The Like)

How Many Videos Will I Get?

You Will Get 3 Types Of Videos With Different Aspect Ratios, These Have Been Optimized So You Can Upload Them To Various Social Media Or Platforms

Is The Platform Logo In The Video Clickable?

It’s An Image To Tell The Audience Where Your Music Will Be Showing, It’s Not Clickable Because It’s Just A Video, Not An Interactive Medium Like A Website Or App

How Many Platform Icons Will Appear?

I Limited It To 5 Icons, I Decided It Was To Maintain The Tidiness And Cleanliness Of The Results Of This Video, If You Need More Icons And This Is An Emergency, We Can Negotiate

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