I will make professional designed audio spectrum music visualizer

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Hey! I know there are several “music visualizers” hanging around here, but I think that just the most expensive ones are well designed.

So this is my contribution to the independent artists and producers!

A really well designed, balanced and professional looking visualizer for a budget price!

All templates are UNIQUE and OWN DESIGN, all animations are FULLY SYNCED with your audio!

β†’ What I offer ←

β€’ Full HD (for Youtube, Instagram and all platforms) (16:9 1920×1080 30fps)

β€’ Fast delivery!

β€’ Audio synced to animations!

β€’ 2 Social media links included!

β†’ How to ←

Press CONTINUE and fill up these requirements:

β€’ choose a TEMPLATE NUMBER from my video

β€’ send link or attach YOUR SONG

β€’ send your COVER ART or LOGO

β€’ COMPLETE the info like artist name, song name, etc!

β†’ Something to consider ←

I’ve created these templates in order to offer them at the lower cost possible, any EXTRA change that involve redesign the templates like:Β extra titles, extra logos or change font has an extra cost and it has to be previously agreed.

If you have any question or recommendation just write me! πŸ™‚


What format does the cover art image have to be?

I accept PNG, JPG, PSD, AI, TIFF, SVG, BMP. The higher, the better.

What format does the audio have to be?

I accept WAV, MP3, AAC, AIF, OGG, FLAT. The higher, the better.

About Social Media Links

I recommend to use 2 or up to 3 social media links, they could be for any social media you want!
Also we could use social media/steaming platforms icons without text

What we consider as an EXTRA and how much it cost?

β€’ change font
β€’ add logos (apart from cover art)
β€’ add titles like “Produced by: producer name”
The cost of these changes starts on $5, contact me before to discuss the changes πŸ™‚

How long could be the song?

the cost is $5 up to five minutes long video.
After those five minutes base, will be $5 each five minutes.
0 to 5 minutes long = $5
more than 5 to 10 minutes limit= $10
10 to 15 minutes = $15

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