I will make this new style of music visualizer or audio visualizer

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Hey there! I’m (Wiz) and I will make this awesome music visualizer.

The Requirements to make this visualizer is:

  1. Your Audio file/ Song. (Any format)
  2. Your Album Cover/ Artwork must be (1×1) aspect ratio.
  3. You can also submit any picture to use as a Background.

Basic Package: $10 – 16:9 Youtube visualizer (1080P Full HD Landscape).

Standard Package: $15 – 16:9 YT visualizer (1440P Quad HD Landscape).

Premium Package: $25 – 16:9 YT visualizer (2160P Ultra HD 4K Landscape).


  • $10 Extra For a (1080P FHD) Instagram Feed visualizer (1:1 Square).
  • $10 Extra For a (1080P FHD) Instagram visualizer (9:16 Portrait).
  • $10 for an Extra fast delivery (1 Day delivery)
  • $10 extra for a Custom font (You must provide a .ttf file)

Please note: All my Work/Gigs are 100% original

Check the demo video and contact me if you have any questions 😀


What do you need to make me this!

Audio file, Cover ART, Metadata such as Artist Name, Song Title…

Did you make this design/video?

Yes!! all my work is 100% original.

How long does it take to finish the video?

it can be an hour or a day depending on your song length…

Where can i upload this video

You can upload it anywhere
ex: (Youtube) (Instagram) (Facebook)…..

Do you offer a discount for an Album or an EP!!

Yes!, Just contact me and I’ll give you a fair price.

About 16:9 Landscape visualizers.

Can be used on YT, a Personal website, or any platform that supports 16:9 videos which most platforms does.

About 1:1 Square visualizers.

Can be used as IG Feed, Facebook posts, Twitter, or social media advertisements.
(This format can be added via extra After you place the order)

About 9:16 Portrait visualizers.

Can be used as IGTV, IG Story, TIKTOK, IG Reels, YT shorts… ad many more.
(This format can be added via extra After you place the order)

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