I will make your rap song sound crisp with my mixing and mastering




200K+ streams for my music & worked with upcoming artists like Aura Da Prophet. (9M+ streams)

I will mix and master your rap song using FL Studio 20!

Basic Includes:

  • Volume correction
  • EQ vocals
  • Compress vocals to fit the beat
  • Making sure vocals are on beat
  • De-esser (so your ‘S’ sounds aren’t distracting)
  • MP3 file only

Standard Includes:

  • Everything from the basic package
  • Effects (basic autotune, delay, reverb, additive EQ for extra crispness, cleaning up unwanted breath noises)
  • Mastering will have stereo imaging for a professional cinematic sound
  • MP3 file Mastering

Premium Includes:

  • Radio Quality Sound
  • Everything from the standard package
  • Artisic edits & sound FX (autotune additional tuning, distortion, phaser, chorus + more)
  • Max loudness professional level
  • HQ Master (WAV) & MP3 file
  • **If 25+ stems select Extra at checkout

When people hear your music, they’re going to be really turned off if the music doesn’t sound high quality even if you think that you’re really skilled and amazing. 

I do not use templates, every song is different, so I apply uniqueness to every sound. Do not order unless you can send me audio stems to work with.


What if I want autotune?

Pick the Standard or Premium gig. For Standard I will just find the key and place the Auto-Tune effect on your vocal. For Premium I will also do corrective pitch editing to smooth out the effect.

I’m not sure if my vocals are good?

Send me good recordings please but I cannot cancel an order because of bad recordings so you will be expected to pay. I will do my best to boost the records to higher quality but I can only do so much depending on your recording. You can send me a sample of your vocals before ordering.

Do you also produce the beat?

No, I’m using the beat that you send me to work directly with your vocals.

I want to sound like (artist), can you make me sound like them?

I can do my best to reach a similar audio quality but there’s so much I can do based on your audio performance and recording quality.

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