I will market songs to radio stations as your own representative


Most artists won’t have access to certain radio programmers because there are too few hours in the day and they’re not taking calls from just anyone. You need professionals on your behalf to submit your music to these stations. iHeartMedia and Cumulus generally refuse to work with independent artists and promoters unless it’s someone with a relationship within the business. Remember Radio Stations have a choice of different songs they decide to play. [Instead of yours], We call on your behalf and submit your song to stations for airplay. We pitch new songs to radio programmers (consultants & PD’s ) to get them played on radio. When you’re signed to major labels, they have a built-in radio submission department. Radio stations generally aren’t accepting submissions to their playlists from artists directly, so you’re not likely to get your songs on the radio without independent representation. We work for you to campaign and help get your music on radio. Radio’s job is to get as many people tuning in as they can. They are very picky about what they put on. You need representation. We provide that. Check out the FAQ below. Are you prepared to invest in yourself? If not you then who?


Do you guarantee airplay from a radio station if my song is submitted?

Only on our station. Otherwise no guarantee w/stations. Decisions are decided by PD’s & Consultants. IF your song is added it will be on its own merit. Our job – to submit music to them. Do you have faith in your song? You are investing in your music! This is YOUR music!

Can I get on the radio without a promoter?

The answer is yes however radio stations generally aren’t taking songs and accepting submissions to playlists from artists off a whim. Why should a station play YOUR song? How are you going to get through to talk to the right person? Do you have any influence to get your song in rotation?

Can my song become number 1 on the charts without radio airplay?

Songs become radio hits only if they get played in bulk; a couple of spins a week is not enough for your song to become familiar to casual listeners. You need more than 1 station to get on the charts and you need to be on radio. You can do it yourself or have us to do it. Its up to you.

What exactly is the value of this gig? Is it worth it for us aspiring artists?

The answer is YES. Unless you are willing to contact Radio Pd’s and Md’s yourself directly, then how do you expect to get their attention? Our service gets “your foot in the door” and if you believe in your music and it’s good then you will get a response. You gotta get in the door first.

What is different about YOU pitching to a PD and I doing it myself?

We introduce the new artists and releases directly to the PD/MD. . We spend time educating music directors about who the artist is, what they’re about, and getting the station excited about the artist. If the is artist is great, they need to be involved. We try to convince them of that.

What kind of station do you submit songs to and what stations?

It depends on the genre of the music and the station that plays that genre. If it’s an Urban song we will submit to an urban station. If its a Rock song then Rock stations etc. We will submit to major market stations as well as medium and small market stations

Can I Choose which stations that I want the song to submit to?

Not with the regular packages but if you have particular stations that you want us to “work’ then there is a “extra” that you can order and we will go after those stations specifically.

If no station decides to add my music, can i get a refund?

No. Our services are here to help you. We have no control over ads of music. This is YOUR investment in your career and your music. We are only a tool to assist you with goals. Normally record companies are the ones investing & take risks. Now you invest and taking the risk with your music.

Is Kiss a Internet station? Can I hear it on stream?

Kiss 104.7 is an FM radio station in the Southeast United States. Because of Fiverr requirements, we do NOT post social media sites, websites, or streaming links. We tried that and received a warning strike on our account. We aren’t allowed. We record a full broadcast and send it to you


If you want BDS Spins and Mediabase chart action with multiple radio stations and major stations. We have connections with promotional companies that deal with that sort of thing. Just ask and we will provide all the information for you. But fair warning. You need to be serious and you need a budget

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