I will mix and master trap drill reggaeton dancehall in 1 day




  • I do not do Masters only. I take care of the mixing process for quality assurance.
  • I also speak Spanish.
  • Please send in a demo/reference track. Stems preferably in WAV/AIFF 24-32bit format.

Sound Engineer & Producer with more than 10 years experience & 5/5 rating on over 100 orders working with all genres. Supported by superstars such as The Chainsmokers, Graves, Apashe… all verifiable on my SoundCloud page, where you can also find references of personal work: Find me as Y4NN www.soundcloud.com/Y4NN

Mixing process:

  • Manual Pitch Correction
  • EQing/Dynamic EQing/De-essing
  • Stereo Imaging/Panning
  • Gainstaging-Balancing
  • Compression (Normal, Multi-band)
  • Saturation/Excitation
  • Reverb, Delays and extra FX
  • Noise Reduction/Audio File Cleaning
  • Parallel Processing

Mastering process:

  • Minimal corrective EQ
  • Multi-band Compression/Dynamic Eqing
  • Analog-simulated Compression
  • Saturation and excitation
  • Maximizing
  • Limiting/Clipping
  • Stereo Imaging

#MIXEDWITHFOCAL – Mixed with Focal Evo Alpha 6.5 Speakers.

(Focal Speakers are recognized as being the best. Unmatched in sound, design, and clarity)

You will be surprised at how your track can change!


Do you use melodyne or do pitch correction?

Yes, I do use melodyne and do manual pitch correction on all packages! There’s slightly more focus and manual intervention in the premium package.

Can I hear a sample first?

Yes, I can do that as a favour!

What is your revision policy?

Working with me means I hand in work exactly as you want it to be, so many times I even like handing in work even after revisions have ended. Either way, people don’t usually need many revisions when choosing this gig.

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Mar 2020

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3 hours

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