I will mix and master your hip hop or urban music


The mix is one of the most important factors of music production and is what usually makes the difference in the final result of a song. it’s about making all the tracks connect, fit together and go in the same direction, being part of a whole

Mastering is the final process in a musical production. It is the stage that goes right after mixing. It is about creating a master version of the mix, this means that the latest dynamics, balance and image adjustments are made to perfect the track. At the same time, it is prepared for transmission by different media

As a sound engineer, I will mix and master your song professionally, preparing it for mass transmission and distribution platforms, ensuring that it sounds the best possible on multiple sound systems and achieving competitive loudness without sacrificing quality.

You will receive a professionally mixed and mastered track in WAV, MP3, or any format you want.

If you have any question, please read the FAQ and/or send me a message, I will reply as soon as I can


What do I have to send you?

You must send me raw audio files. Be sure to export them since the beginning of the session so they’re in sync when I import them into my DAW. (Or You can send me a Pro Tools session or an OMF/AAF)

Do you offer a stereo mastering service?

Of Course! Please text me for a custom offer

Can I send you my mix/master as a guideline?

Yes! I will know with better accuracy what kind of effects or sound you would like on your track

Do you offer custom pricing?

I’m always willing to negotiate custom offers or offer other related services

Which DAW do you use?

Pro Tools

Do you accept Pro Tools, Logic, FL Studio, Cubase etc sessions?

Only Pro Tools

What kind of music do you work with?

Usually modern urban music, hip hop, trap, dancehall, afrobeat, reggaeton, RnB, reggae and similiar genres

Once the material has been delivered, do you keep backup copies?

Usually yes, but I recommend that each client keep copies in a safe place. I don’t assume any responsibility for storing information in the medium or long term with the material supplied to me or the files I deliver, nor I promise to keep copies of the material

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