I will mix and master your music

I will mix and master your music


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Clear and engaging mixes with fast communication and delivery

I can mix and master your music to give it a Professional and High Quality Sound! 

Send me your track stems and I’m on it!

I can work with any DAW, but please only send me the track stems not the project file. (Up to 25 stems per premium project order Рfor every additional stem there will be a $5 charge).

Feel free to contact me before placing the order and I will reply to any questions you might have!  


Why should I choose you?

I have a burning passion for music and I am dedicated to delivering excellence and smiles in all aspects of life. I believe that music is something special and I want to help you create the most memorable journey for your audience. I’m usually always at the studio, so always feel free to contact me.

What do I need to send you for a Mix & Master?

Export the stems as WAV files in 24bit 320kbps, and attach as a zip file if possible. If you need help with this, feel free to message me!

Can you make a free sample?

Yes! I can provide a free sample!

Do you offer revisions with each package?

Yes! I always send premasters and mixes along the way and deliver the finished product once the final is complete!

What are the max number of stem tracks you will mix & master?

The max number of stem tracks I will mix & master is 25 for every gig package available, with a $5 fee for every additional stem track after.

Can you tune vocals?

Yes! I can apply autotune to your vocals to give it that T-Pain effect or I can use Melodyne which is a more natural pitch correction. (Keep in mind there is only so much you can do with poorly recorded vocals though.)

What genre’s do you specialize in?

I specialize in Hip Hop, Trap, Chill, Future, Pop, Metal, Rock, Country, Folk, & Hyperpop.

What DAW do you use?

I use FL Studio.

I just need my audio cleaned up, can you do that?

Yes! I can do any sort of audio editing whether it be for podcasts, audio repair, normalizing levels, or anything above. Feel free to contact me and I will get the right price for you.

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United States

Member since

Jun 2020

Avg. response time

1 hour

Last delivery

about 8 hours

5 reviews for I will mix and master your music

  1. d3bubgmode

    Honestly, his name shouldn’t be Benny Silver because this guy is Gold! Sorry for my bad joke haha but never did I think working online with someone would be this streamlined. It was an absolute pleasure!
    I was really in a hurry and under some pressure and he just made me feel at ease and delivered some really high quality work very quickly! Mixing and Mastering are some really hard skills so you never know in what moment it works, what it doesn’t. All I can say is he really helped me out and incorporated every request I asked for. I am super happy with the end result and mix. I will be back!

  2. cappuccino10

    Again a great result with the mix and master gig from Benny Silverr. Spot on! What I like the most is the very good overall sound. Besides that: the communication is excellent. Good listener and quick responding. I recommend this one.! Thanks Benny.

  3. cloutcamo

    Absolutely amazing. Made it sound exactly how I wanted and took an hour to deliver. Highly recommend if you’re on the fence.

  4. d3bubgmode

    My second order with Benny, I sent him a studio mix and a live mix of one of my songs he was able to mix both in parallel in a small frame of time to help me meet my deadline.
    He accommodated my revision requests happily and was able to match them to my exact requirements.
    Very rare people like this in the world that are such a pleasure to work with.
    I will definitely be back!
    Very happy with the end result a job well done!

  5. eteahping1

    The seller offers great deal. The service and the product are really good and turn around time is really quick. this one we had to go back and forth a lot on to get it right so I appreciate the patience

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