I will mix and master your music as charting german audio engineer


iTunes Global #1 charting engineer with “Colors” by Dewé. (Afrobeats Category)

Hi I’m Furkan Gülüs, Top Rated Mixing and Mastering Engineer from Munich, Germany.

I work in my studio using top notch soft- and hardware and an ideal treated listening environment. I have worked with labels such as Motown and Alfeade Records, and am now offering my services directly to independent artists. I have mixed and mastered over 1000 projects on Fiverr alone, amassing over 20 million streams.

My pricing depends on the amount of stems (trackouts) in your project:

  • $65 for up to 5 stems
  • $110 for up to 15 stems
  • $140 for up to 50 stems

There are also optional Extras:

  • Vocal Tuning with Autotune & Melodyne (+20$)
  • Vocal cleanup (+15$) [Recommended for noisy vocals with mouth-clicks and breaths]
  • Analog equipment (+25$) [A warmer but noisier result that some may prefer – a matter of preference!]
  • Return mixed stems (+15$)
  • Additional Streaming Master to Spotify & Apple Music Loudness Targets (+5$)

What I need to mix started: 

  • Your stems in .WAV format
  • If available, a demo mix for reference

Reach out to discuss your project! I’m available 365 days a year. Excited to work on your music!


What do you need to mix and master my project

In order to mix your song, I require the individual audio tracks in your project (these are called stems). You can upload your files on Fiverr, WeTransfer or GoogleDrive and send me a link.

What are Stems?

Stems are the individual files that I need for the mix. Essentially, it is the number of seperate .wav files you are sending me. For example the Stems could be Bass, Vocals, Harmonies, Sax, Piano and Drums. In this case we have 6 Stems (Assuming 1 Stem per Instrument)

How do I create Stems?

Please message me with the DAW you’re using for a easy yet detailed guide on how to create Stems!

Which format do you want the files to be in?

I prefer 24-bit .wav files – Preferably dry. Also a Rough Mix is very helpful!

How can I send you my files?

Please create stems by rendering all active audio tracks separately to the same length. 24-bit .wav files prefered. Make sure dither is turned on.
You can put these files in a folder and compress them into an archive. Upload the archive to WeTransfer / GoogleDrive/ DropBox, and DM me the link!

Can I send you my ProTools, Logic, Ableton (…) project files?

Unfortunately no – I work with Stems (Audio Tracks) exclusively. Please render all your active audio tracks to the same lenght.

What genres do you mix?

I mix anything from EDM, Pop, Trap, Country, Rap, Rock as well as acoustic and orchestral music.
I have severable notable clients who are successfully charting and with my mixes, specifically german folk, rock, rap and pop.

Do you mix whole albums or EP’s?

Yes! I’ll make you a special order – contact me!

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