I will mix and master your music, djent, prog, metal, rock, punk



I will Mix and Master your song to sound from calm and beautiful to massive.

  • I can Edit / Reamp / Trigger drums / Add Production effects (drops, etc) / Vocals pitch-timing correct
  • I can give you all the files you need after the mix (+25$)
  • I can make/upgrade .midi drums and bass (+50$)
  • Your mix will be ready for streaming on any platform.

Some of my works (No Oath is my solo project): 

  • https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLT_fj293QdebF4a10BL5EKdSwUYdYKgxm

Please contact me before ordering, I want to know your sound and what you like.


Can you edit entire Guitars/Bass/Drums tracks?

Yes and no, If the timing is off on one or two notes, it’s fine but if it’s on the whole track, it will sound weird.
A solid performance/recording will always sound a lot better!

Do you work with .midi drums/bass?

Yes, I work with .midi most of the time and I own a big collection of professional libraries

Do you reamp guitar DIs?

Yes, I usually work with DIs and I own a huge collection of amp sims, Neural DSP, Stl Tones, etc

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