I will mix and master your music, djent, prog, metal, rock, punk

I will mix and master your music, djent, prog, metal, rock, punk


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I will Mix and Master your song to sound from calm and beautiful to massive.

  • I can Edit / Reamp / Trigger drums / Add Production effects (drops, etc) / Vocals pitch-timing correct
  • I can give you all the files you need after the mix (+25$)
  • I can make/upgrade .midi drums and bass (+50$)
  • Your mix will be ready for streaming on any platform.

Some of my works (No Oath is my solo project): 

  • https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLT_fj293QdebF4a10BL5EKdSwUYdYKgxm

Please contact me before ordering, I want to know your sound and what you like.


Can you edit entire Guitars/Bass/Drums tracks?

Yes and no, If the timing is off on one or two notes, it’s fine but if it’s on the whole track, it will sound weird.
A solid performance/recording will always sound a lot better!

Do you work with .midi drums/bass?

Yes, I work with .midi most of the time and I own a big collection of professional libraries

Do you reamp guitar DIs?

Yes, I usually work with DIs and I own a huge collection of amp sims, Neural DSP, Stl Tones, etc

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May 2019

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5 reviews for I will mix and master your music, djent, prog, metal, rock, punk

  1. gyczzl997

    4th time working with Tim. He remains my go-to for all my heavy songs. All of my projects contain 30+ tracks and are complex symphonic metal pieces, but Tim never fell short of the challenge. His ability to mix the vocal is phenomenal. His mixes of the acoustic parts are both clean and very spacious/huge-sounding. And needless to say, his mixes of heavy guitars and drums are solid. He does not over-compress and over-EQ the hell out of things like most other Fiverr engineers tend to do. He provides creative reverb/delay effects tailored to the feel of the song that I would keep complimenting after the 100th listen. So trust me and work with Tim; the price is worth every penny.

  2. ogthrone

    Mnrecordings has been an absolute delight to work with. Very happy with the finished product, he’s done a great job of mixing an album that was a mix of different styles and recording techniques. His customer services has been completely flawless throughout. Amazing communication, always helpful with revisions etc, incredibly quick responses, would definitely recommend and will definitely use again.

  3. davidadkins93

    This was the best investment I have made for my music. 6/5 stars. I sent him the files and told him to just do his thing. I was not at all disappointed. He really does have a way of giving the music its own original sound. It’s like having another member of the band.

  4. gyczzl997

    5th time working with Tim, for the huge and clear mix that not many can deliver on Fiverr. This time I have a backing track, some drum tracks I recorded and some vocal tracks my vocalist recorded. Tim was able to perfectly mix this non-conventional combination as well. As usual, he made our vocals sound even better than how they are. He was also able to respond to revision requests very acutely.
    I’ll continue to use his service for all my metal needs!

  5. simeonekse

    We in Dark Delirium have now done 9 songs with MN and finally completed the our second album. We highly recommend MNRecordings and will continue to use the service further one. Super easy to work with, great communication and an incredible understanding of music.

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