I will mix and master your music in a real studio


+++ Please contact me before you order and see above examples of my work. You can find more in the FAQ section +++

What I Need:

  • Export & send your audio tracks dry, no compression, fx, etc
  • Quality recordings (the better, the better the mix)

The final tracks will be supplied in 24 bit WAV format on all packages.

If you have any questions or want to get more than one song mixed just feel free to message, always quick to respond.


How should i prepare my stems (tracks)?

Just render every single stem in WAV. All tracks should be comped and exported from the beginning of the whole project (at the start of the first bar).

Can you mix my whole album?

Yes! I’ll make you a special order.

Can I listen some of your works?

Here are some of my works:

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