I will mix and master your music professionally



I do not take on all orders, so please send song sample with details before booking!


I offer high quality mastering and mixing services using industry standard equipment and plugins. The difference in packages is only in the amount of stems that you need to mix. Each record will be treated equally to ensure it reaches the full potential.

Mastering is included with any mixing order.

For Mixing I Will Preform:

  • level balancing
  • stereo panning
  • compression
  • multiband compression
  • EQ
  • SFX: setting up reverb, delay and other effects
  • Autotune effect (if needed and will be adjusted to fit the vibe of the song)


  • Polishing the mix with frequency and dynamic correction
  • Stereo widening a mix with MS Processing
  • Maximizing the loudness of the final mix to compete on streaming platforms

What to send me:

  • WAV/AIFF/HQ files of each track (unedited and in sync!)

What do I deliver to you:

A distribution ready, high quality WAV/mp3 44.1 kHz 24bit file

Mastered stems are NOT included with any mixing order. Additional charges apply

Please have all WAV Stems prepared before booking

I refuse to work with rude customers and will not tolerate disrespect!


What DAW Do You Use?

Protools 12

What Computer Do You Use?

Mac Pro 2.7gHz 12Core/ 64GB Memory/ 2TB SSD

How Do I Send The Stems?

Wetransfer is the best way to get the files to me. Just upload them as a zip folder on the website and share the link with me. Otherwise, Google Drive and Dropbox are accepted, but Wetransfer is recommended!

What Is The Difference Between Mixing And Mastering?

In short – mixing is a process where you make each individual track sound better and also make them sound good all together, while the mastering is processing the overall sound and getting the song to commercial level.

How to export tracks (stems) from my DAW?

Mark the beginning and the end of your song with locators, that way all tracks will be in sync. Simplest way is to SOLO the track you want to export (click S button on the track in DAW), and then export to a WAV or AIFF file one by one. Make sure they are dry (effects disabled) before exporting.

Can I send you my mix as a guideline?

Of Course! That makes the communication way easier as I will know exactly what kind of effects or sound you would like on your track.

Can You Tune Vocals?

Yes, I can!

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