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Before placing an order, please send me a message

I’m Martin, I’m a Producer, Mixer and Mastering engineer, I’ve been in the industry for 17 years. I have won 2 international awards, I worked with mainstream artists and mayor like Sony Music & The Voice Argentina

My mixes have become a trend on YouTube and have more than 17 million Streams. I am a voting member of the Latin Grammy.ย 


Acquisition of new analog equipment: SSL Fusionย 

According to Whipped Cream Sound one of the best engineers of 2021:

Monster Music Awards Mexico 2021 Winner

This is my Portfolio: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/0LnWp0bn9bFF3ywqsa71HJ?si=877db78d047d442b

Would you like to take your music to the next level?

Then you are in the right place, together we can do it

Services I provide:

Mixing & Mastering with Analog Gear & high-end plugins

Each package varies depending on the amount of stems (tracks) your song has, all of them you will get the same sound quality.

Additional services:

  • Vocal pitch correction/tuning (+20$)
  • Quantize Your Drums (+30$)
  • Instrumental Version (+$25)
  • Project Files (+$50)

Daw: Pro Tools 12.5

Monitors: Adam S3V with Adam Sub8

My Gear: Looking FAQ


My Gear

My Gear:
Apogee Symphony 8 x8
Manley 16×2 Valvular Summing Console
Solid State Logic Fusion
Kemper Profiler
Drawmer DL 251
Aphex Compellor
Aphex Dominator II
Lexicon Prime Time
Neve 1073 x 2
Orban Parametric EQ

What if I’ve got more than 50 stems?

Contact me and after I check your files I’ll send a custom offer.

Where can I listen to examples of your work?

How to send the files to mix and master?

If your song is in a program other than Pro Tools, PLEASE export .wav audio files. All tracks must be exported from the same start point. Please also include a tempo. Deliver all mono tracks as mono files and all stereo tracks as stereo.

Accept OMF File?

Yes, Of course ๐Ÿ™‚

Can we make changes to the mix?

Yes, of course. When you send the reviews that we should change, please make a list specifying the exact time in the song.
For Example: 01: 02 The voice should sound louder

Do you accept session files?

YES, only Pro Tools session (.ptx), this is the preferred delivery format.

Will you tune my vocals?

Vocal tuning is not included with mixes. But you can include it paying extra.

How should I send the files

Files must be sent in 24 Bit WAV or AIF format at 44,100 Khz or 88,200 Khz.

What is Analog Summing?

When it comes to combining audio in a multitrack, there are two categories of methods: digital summing and analog summing. Digital summing is accomplished within the software of a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW).Analog summing is accomplished using external hardware to the DAW
I Use the Manley 16×2

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Mar 2016

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