I will mix and master your song professionally

I will mix and master your song professionally


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I will Professionally Mix & Master your songs using first-class mixing converters and high-end digital mastering plugins resulting in a commercialized radio & streaming platform-ready song. (iTunes, YouTube, Spotify, etc)

With my career of 10+ years of experience in the audio mixing and mastering business, 100% customer satisfaction is guaranteed.ย 

All genres are welcomed! No mixing and mastering preset used!ย 


  • Sound editing ( Cleaning background noises, breathes, static noises)
  • EQ processing (Analog and Digital)
  • Compression (Analog & Digital)
  • Creating depth using the world’s top-class Reverbs and Delays
  • Stereo image enhancement (Widening the sound).
  • Mastering the stereo track (after finishing the Mix).
  • Precise EQ and Compression processing to the final mix.
  • Pitch correction and auto/manual vocal tuning (if necessary)

What I need from you :ย 

  • Raw stems in WAV, AIFF, or mp3 format.ย 

Check out my previous mix and masterwork:ย 




Can you mix my vocals over an already mixed instrumental?

Yes, all I need is your vocal recordings completely dry (no effects, just the raw file) and after all the processing you’ll get commercial radio ready song.

Do you mix and master albums or EPโ€™s?

Yes definitely! I am happy to work out a deal for better pricing in this case. Please message me to discuss details.

Do you offer free samples of mixing and mastering of project stems before placing the order?

Yes! I am happy to do a demo for you upon request

Do you accept Project Files?

Yes! Logic Pro X Project Files

What Genres have you worked on?

I have worked on just about all of them!

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Sri Lanka

Member since

May 2020

Avg. response time

1 hour

Last delivery

about 1 hour

5 reviews for I will mix and master your song professionally

  1. aligrumeth

    this man is not just a great engineer. He’s an Artist. And a wizard. Truly blown away by the result. I just did some testing here on fiverr by sending the same track to different engineers. And he’s by far the coolest. Might be also a matter of taste as he changed quite a lot. But I’m loving it. Price/Worth ratio is amazing as well. I am officially a fan.

  2. kiddluv

    Honestly an amazing experience. The quality of everything was just spot on and I will be purchasing again from him and you should purchase from him to because you wonโ€™t regret it ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. bigscala

    I have worked with many engineers on fiverr so far, but honestly this guy is by far the best i have ever hired. he knocked it out of the park on the first try and made my vocals sound perfect and crispy. he also seems like a very genuine and honest person. amazing communication. can’t wait to work together on more songs! all the best my friend ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. khtpmusic

    Just a great time! I was looking for someone to mix/master my EP and I even got a demo when I was deciding for a mixer. Was met with great communication and attentiveness to my revision requests. Even tho my recordnings and pre edits of the stems were not the absolute best he mixed it together very nicely. Some great work done to a great price! Would 100% recommend this service to anyone looking for help mixing!

  5. ahqla7

    Highly recommended!!! 2nd project with this seller and 100% professional quality results. Very accurate revisions with fast delivery time on top of giving your mixes a whole new life. Im onto my 3rd project followed by the entire album.

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