I will mix and master your song radio ready in 24h


Please message before ordering.

Hi! My name is Delandon and I understand the frustration that comes with paying for a mix and master only to be delivered a poor quality result. My Industry standard mixing and mastering services are achieved through a combination of the following:

  • Balance: through gain staging, stereo separation, parallel compression, bus compression etc…

  • Clarity: through equalization, noise reduction, de-essing, etc…

  • Space and Depth: through the use of reverbs, delays, panning, stereo imaging, harmonic saturation etc…

  • Vocal tuning: through the use of pitch correction plugins such as autotune, melodyne, etc…

  • Custom effects such as: telephone FX on vocals, vocoder, choir, harmonic distortion, pitch changer and LOTS more!

The end result is a radio-ready song that sounds expensive and polished across all devices, speakers and media platforms matching up with the quality of the tracks from your favorite artistes.

I work on songs of many different genres including pop, indie, reggae, acoustic, country, RnB, and many more!

Every project is treated like it’s my own and I settle for nothing less than magical. Shoot me a message, let’s get working! 🙂


Why should I choose your mixing and mastering gig over the others on this platform?

I provide a free 15-20 sec mixed and mastered demo of your song before you place any order.

I’m not sure which package to select?

I am always willing to discuss the specifics of your project just message me

How should I format my files to send to you?

Please provide WAV or AIFF files, 24bit or 32bit, and at the same sample rate your project is at. Also be sure to export stems all starting from the beginning of the session (0.00) so that they remain lined up after importing them into my DAW.

What are Stems?

Stems refer to the individual files/elements that make up the entire song/production (i.e. kick, snare, lead guitar, rhythm guitar, lead vocal, background vocals, etc…)

What if I only have the wav or mp3 file of the beat from youtube or elsewhere and not the individual files within the instrumental?

That is no issue at all, you can send over the instrumental 🙂

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