I will mix and master your song to industry standards


It is time to take your track to a PROFESSIONAL level!

Hi! My name is Ivan. I am a full-time mixing and mastering engineer.

You probably wonder: “Why do my songs never sound PROFESSIONAL and LOUD enough like songs from famous artists?”

Well, because you need professional MIXING and MASTERING help that I will provide by music industry standards!

Standard mixing and mastering package includes:

  • Professional Mastering
  • Professional Mixing up to 10 stems (choose premium package if you have more than 10)
  • Professional Vocal Editing
  • Equalization
  • Dynamic Processing
  • Reverb and Delay Processing
  • Special FX (if required)
  • Volume, Pan, and FX Automation 
  • Analogue and/or Tape Saturation
  • Level Maximization + True Peak Limiting
  • Loudness Matching to your Reference Track
  • HQ File 

Feel free to contact me if you need a custom offer or if you want to hear more samples. 

If you have more than 50 stems, please add Unlimited tracks from Extra services when ordering. Don’t forget to check the rest of the extras, there are many ways to make your songs sound even better. 


*** I will provide mastering if you need only that, just order a basic gig ***


What genre of music are you specialized in mixing and mastering?

Simply – any. This is part of my job – to be able to work on any type of music.
At the end of the day, every mix has the same goal, and it is making sure that artist’s and producer’s vision is translated well in the final sound.
Contact me to get the specific genre’s samples of my work.

Do you accept project files?

Unfortunately, no. I accept only audio files (stems).

I can see that your gig is paused.. Does it mean that you stopped working here?

If you see that my gig is paused then it means that I’m overbooked at the moment and can’t accept more standard orders. However, please contact me and together we will create a special order with custom delivery date that will fit my schedule.

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