I will mix, master and pitch correct your pop, rock, edm, rap song


PLEASE CONTACT ME BEFORE ORDERING, this is important to make sure the files are in good shape and ready for mixing/mastering.

Hi, I’m Joseph, a Mix With The Masters certified mixing engineer.

Your project is bigger than 20 stems? Not a problem! Just send me a message for a custom order!

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I’ve been around music all my life and I’ve been making it for 20 years: I play drums, guitar, keys, so I understand the musician’s perspective.

I have mixed and mastered a ton of music in a variety of genres: pop, rock, r&b, punk pop, hip hop, trap, emo rap, acoustic, so I am comfortable with all projects.

Manual pitch correction for singers is available in the gig extras section!

Mastering is included with all orders (the smallest package is mastering only)

Here’s some of the processing I will use:

  • Editing/cleanup
  • Corrective EQ
  • Compression
  • Harmonic saturation
  • Basic vocal tuning/pitch correction (manual vocal tuning available in gig extras)
  • Reverb
  • Delay

Get in touch with the “Contact Seller” button!


How do I send you the stems?

You can send me the stems as a .zip file in the chat. Please make sure that effects like reverb/delay are disabled (unless they are part of the sound, e.g. on keys or guitars) and the stems are lined up from the same starting point (0 seconds).

Revision Policy

Revisions only cover small changes made to the project.
Adding or replacing tracks is not part of a standard revision, fees may apply.
If you ask for revisions to be reverted (e.g. make the bass louder, then softer again), fees may apply.

Which software do you use?

I work in Studio One 5, feel free to send me the project file if that’s the DAW you use. Otherwise, please export the stems as .wav files.

About the packages

The Basic Package is mastering only, manipulation of individual elements such as kick, snare, bass, vocals etc. are not possible at the mastering stage. The smallest package that includes mixing is Standard (the middle package). Songs with more than 20 elements require a custom quote.

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