I will mix master your song, tune and fix vocal


Highly Experienced – 100%Ā guarantee*Ā 

Exclusively on Fiverr, I will mix and master your company music or song, sound logo, podcast, commercial, presentationĀ and pop/urban track at a cheap rate. I also fix your vocal alignment, pitch correction, tempo/bpm problem, vocal tuning etc.

My used DAW: Logic Pro X 10.7.1

I am here to make your ideas to fruition. Just give me the details what you would like, what kind of vibe you are looking for!

After 10+ years in the music industry, I have composed music music for well known singers of Bangladesh . Such as Bappa Mojumdar, Hasan Abidur Reza Jewel, Shaown Ganwala and many others. Your final production will be a finished product that you will enthusiastically want to share.

My work samples:

Please check my works then decide to give me project or not.

Your ideas and feedback are very valuable to me, letā€™s chat about how to create the perfect soundtrack for you right here on Fiverr!Ā 

Feel free to ask anything whatever you want, i’m always here your service.


What is mastering?

Mastering is the final production process where processing like EQ, compression, stereo widening, harmonic excitation, etc. are applied to the finished mix instead of the individual stems to achieve a polished and professional sound that can compete commercially against other popular songs.

Can I send 32bit files?

Yes 32 bit is fine. I just ideally do not want anything less than 24bit. If all you have is a 16bit or mp3 version, I can still master it, though this is less ideal for the best sound.

Can you master mp3 files?

Yes, but this is not ideal and final results will be lower quality. Mp3’s are highly data compressed (lossy). Much of the original information is permanently lost which greatly reduced the quality of the file and the processing that can be done.

Do you also include an mp3?

Yes every package includes an mp3 upon request.

What level should I send my song to you at?

As long as it is not clipping the level doesn’t matter. I can adjust the file to provide myself ample headroom.

Do you do bulk album pricing?

Yes I do provide discounts for albums or multiple songs. Contact me for pricing or see the packages above to see which one fits your needs for the number of songs you have.

Do you offer custom pricing?

Yes depending on the situation and track count, I do potentially offer custom pricing.

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