I will mix or master your song radio ready


Have you always been looking for that high-quality sound you hear from your favorite artists?


you are in the right place


It is very important that you send us the song beforehand for evaluation prior to bidding. If you don’t know how to record professionally, contact us and we will help you


We are 2 audio engineers, one dedicated to mixing and the other to mastering. we have the knowledge, experience, and equipment to achieve that pro-sound.


What are you going to get with our service?


– Make your voice sound professional processed with the best fx on the market. A high-definition sound that will be suitable for any device including your hearing aids and ready for any digital platform

– An excellent response in the low end and high end without abuse, making sure to generate a pleasing sound for your audience.

– Intuitive automation


what do I need before place the order

1) send me first your rough mix before you place the order 1 mp3 file wav or aiff for evaluation
2) Separate track of the song in wav or aiff at at least 44.1 hz 16 bits

what kind of gear do I need to sound radio ready quality?

at least 1 Large-diaphragm Condenser Microphone for vocal
1 interface both at least 200$ us dollars
death room free of early reflection ,

how can I avoid early reflection ?

this is the cheapest way check this out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7h84lrQQTl8

how can I record my vocal properly ?

see carefully this 2 videos could change your professional life

this gig is related to remix a song?

not at all, this a sound engineer service

diference beetween mix and master (MIX)

MIX; is the process where all element are totally separate and dry and engineer create the right balance between each other, add eq compression fx reverb delay saturation to create a compelling sound

diference beetween mix and master (Master)

is the final process where the most expert engineer make the final decision about the bottom end mid frequency Hi end, the punch of the overall sound, the compression, and how loud must sound depending of the gender, to fix well in the streaming platform, CD and radio

my song need to be mix, master or both

this is a very subjective question , we recommend send to us your mix and we tell you honestly what is the choice

do I need expesive gear to record pro quality

not necessary, if you use correctly your gear , with a great mix and master you are done, you will sound amazing

can I listen some of your works

please do, is her first think that you have to require to any engineer l Here is our Portfolio

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