I will mix, pitch correct and master your music to sound amazing

I will mix, pitch correct and master your music to sound amazing


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Hey everyone! My name is Enzo and I’m 23 year old received as an audio engineer in Buenos Aires, Argentina




I’m a music producer and professional audio engineer. I have a lot of experience working with various artists of different musical genres, that’s why I want to help you make your song sound professional, ready to play on different platforms in the world (Spotify, YouTube, Tidal, Apple Music etc …)



Mixing includes:

  • Level Balancing
  • Equalization
  • Compression
  • Harmonic Saturation
  • Transient Shaping
  • Gating
  • Noise Reduction
  • Stereo Panning
  • Phase Correction
  • De-essing
  • De-breathing
  • De-clicking
  • Impulse Response Re-Amping
  • Spatial FX
  • Auto-Tune
  • Envelope Automation

Mastering includes:

  • Equalization
  • Expansion
  • Compression
  • Sonic & Harmonic Enhancements
  • Stereo Width Adjustments
  • Limiting



With over 800 songs I have worked on, I have experience in producing music of different styles (Rock, Rock Indie, Hip Hop, Trap, Reggeaton, Dancehall, House, Pop, Ballads, etc.). I am very passionate about mixing and mastering, so I will always try to achieve the best possible result from me with excellent communication in between.



To work on multiple songs, contact me for additional


What should i send you?

You can send me the files in WAV/AIFF/HQ Mp3 files of each track (unedited and in sync!)

How do I send you the files?

You can use Google Drive, Dropbox, We Tranfer or any other to better facilitate the work

Can you tune vocals?


Is it possible to make a bad recorded audio file sound good?

I recommend that the files be well recorded so that the work is very professional, because if you do not mix it, you will not be able to get the full potential with very poor quality recordings.

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Dec 2019

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5 reviews for I will mix, pitch correct and master your music to sound amazing

  1. artofdewa

    Love it!! He did a great job!!:)

  2. umsdavid

    All the way my song was mixed and mastered TOP NOTCH 5 stars! I’m really happy with the final result. Enzo makes the vocals productions sound so good and he has this special skills that he can make the vocals sound melodic and really good to listen which other engineer wont provide you with this special touch. He works extra miles just to make sure your production at top class level. Thank you so much my friend!

  3. damonpmusic

    He’s a genius! I was afraid my vocals weren’t good enough to have a good out come, but he made them work and surprised me!! Communication was fast and easy and he put in all the efforts to meet my expectations!! I Will work with him again, that’s for sure!!!

  4. robcorrington

    My mix was muddy. The various instruments were stepping all over one another’s frequency ranges. Enzo remixed it so that all of the instruments sound great together. Enzo’s initial mix was terrific. After a few tweaks of the snare, kick and ride cymbal, we were done. I’m very happy with the final result.

  5. winaikitcharoen

    Great Service. Great Sound.
    Very Recommend!

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