I will mix you song in dolby atmos, spatial audio

I will mix you song in dolby atmos, spatial audio


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I can assure you one thing..I’ll take your songs to the next level with Dolby Atmos (Spatial Audio) and we’ll work together until you are completely satisfied with the final product. 

I know that the most important thing for you is to give your audience the best listening experience and I wanna get you there with this new technology.

I’m an audio engineer specialized in Dolby Atmos mixing and what I care the most is to make sure that my clients receive a first-class service and walk away happy. 

There are two ways we can work together, if you already have a stereo mix and you’d like an Atmos version or if you want to do the entire mix from scratch. 

In both cases we’ll be having the first revision within 3 days, and from there we’ll be tweaking details. The process isn’t done until you are completely satisfied. 

Once we get to the final mix I’ll send you the ADM BWF files (ready for distribution or mastering). It also includes re-renders in stereo binaural, 7.1 & 5.1. 

If you need it, I could also help you with the distribution to Apple Music (Spatial Audio), Tidal and Amazon Music.

Don’t hesitate in contact me for any questions you may have!

I forward to work with you!!


What are the necessary file to create an Atmos mix?

If you have a stereo mix already, I’d need the stems of that song, the more specific/individual the stems are the better the result we can get (kick, snare, hi hat, guitar1 guitar 2, etc)..If you don’t have a stereo mix, just the recording multitrack is more than enough.

Does any song can be mixed in Atmos?

Of course! Whatever the music genre is or the music project you have, I’m pretty sure we can take to the next level with Atmos.

How am I gonna listen to the mix if I don’t have an Atmos system?

That’s not a problem! for the revisions I’ll be sending you the binaural stereo versions that can be played on any device using headphones.

Can I distribute my songs in Dolby Atmos as an independent artist?

Yes you can! All the files I’ll give you are ready to be uploaded to music distributors that support Atmos (Distrokid, Cd Baby and Avid Play)

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5 reviews for I will mix you song in dolby atmos, spatial audio

  1. introspecthr

    This is the best seller I believe I have ever worked with on Fiverr. This says a lot since I have had well over 150 Fiverr projects! I can’t say enough how much I would recommend this seller for co-producing, mixing and mastering a project, with the added Dolby Atmos. He is one of the few on Fiverr if not the only one who advertising and currently mixes a project in this manner. Great work!

  2. toddmoultrie

    Amazing. Wow.Just wow! I’m new to the whole Spatial Audio world but thought it would be a good idea to have this option available for my music. This is better than the original mix!

  3. introspecthr

    I had various vocals on this mix and was concerned about how well they could be used for the song. When I received the final mix, after he told me that he had made some adjustments to some vocal effects, I was eager to hear it. When I listened I was so amazed at the work that was put into the project and how much better it sounded than the raw mix. There is no question that this seller knows what he’s doing. Do not pass him up. He will soon be a rising star in Fiverr, if not already!

  4. introspecthr

    Every detail of the work from start to finish was excellent. The communication, making any adjustments, sharing thoughts about how to utilize Dolby Atmos for the best effect. There is no question that this is professional work. I would highly recommend having your songs mixed with this professional!

  5. introspecthr

    Tiago has been the best person I think I have every worked with on my years of doing projects in Fiverr! Great work, always satisfied, and feel like he is doing the job with excellence, not just for any money he is making in doing it.
    Highly recommended.

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