I will mix your vocals in 24 hours with everything included

I will mix your vocals in 24 hours with everything included


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I will mix your vocals to a professional standard. Any and ALL genres accepted! My service is completely unlimited and unrestricted; the only difference between my packages is in the amount of stems I take care of for you. My customers are extremely important to me, so I deliver the same high quality to each and every one.

Here’s what you get when you place your order:-

– Full tuning – sound natural or have that autotune effect

– Equalisation – surgical subtractive EQ and vibey, analog-esque additive EQ

– Compression – control the dynamics and add character

– Harmonic sweetening with saturation and distortion

– Space and depth creation with reverbs and delay

You have a choice of sending me just your vocal stems on their own, or you can also send them along with the backing track(s).

For flexibility, I offer 3 packages with different stem limits and each one will be completed and delivered to you within 24 hours.

I work in many styles and genres and use the latest state-of-the-art plugins from the likes of Slate Digital, Brainworx and Waves.

If you have any questions, feel free to send a message and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible 🙂


What do you need from me?

Your vocal stems in WAV format. If there are multiple stems, please send them in a ZIP folder.
Optional: the names of 1-3 reference tracks.

Can you also mix both my vocals and the backing track I send you?

This service is purely for processing your vocal tracks and sending them back to you so you can insert them with your backing track(s). However, you can add a mastering extra – this means that on top of mixing your vocals I’ll master the project too (single stereo backing tracks only).

I have multiple backing stems, can you mix and master the entire project?

Yes! I have a dedicated mixing and mastering gig. Please check my profile or send me a message to learn more.

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United Kingdom

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Apr 2018

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1 hour

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about 54 minutes

5 reviews for I will mix your vocals in 24 hours with everything included

  1. fllowleiva

    This was truly the most ideal working relationship ever. Hamer is really kind and patient with attention to detail and I am very satisfied with the mix we ended up with. I admit I have high standards and Hamer was able to deliver! Highly recc this man and his work.

  2. fluidcore

    Very happy with the improvements to the vocals, they sound natural and very cleaned up! Seller did a great job and listened to my instructions carefully.

  3. capbright

    Absolutely stunning work like always. You need to use this man for all of your vocal mixes, he is a genius behind the boards.

  4. capbright

    Hamer was excellent all the way around. I couldn’t offer him enough praise. I’ve always had trouble getting good clean vocal mixes, but he absolutely nailed it. Even better, he got the work done quicker than any other engineer I’ve ever worked with on Fiver. Seriously 5 star service all the way around. Could not recommend him enough.

  5. capbright

    Hamer continues to be the best. I have ordered from him several times at this point and he always delivers the highest quality in the quickest fashion. I think he is the best you will find on Fiverr

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