I will pitch spotify music for organic spotify playlist promotion


Welcome to the most effective and authentic Playlist Pitching gig exclusive on Fiverr

  • We will Pitch your Tracks to our Personal PLAYLIST CONTACTS.

  • That means increased replies andĀ MORE Engagement!

  • We have contacts forĀ most of the genresĀ so you can be sure to be playlists that are perfect for your music but it will be better that you message us first to confirm

The perfect way to give your Spotify profile and artist career a boost!


P.s- We do not pitch to hundreds of Random playlists and curators, we work with well known good curators only who also share their honest feedback also about the track.

P.p.s- We love emerging Artists ā™„


Is it guaranteed my tracks will be accepted ?

We Pitch to multiple curators so there are high chances most of them will accept. In a highly unlikely situation if we cannot find a match for your track we will issue full refund.

For how many days curators will keep my song in the Playlist ?

While this totally depends upon curator, usually they keep for atleast 2-3 weeks to months or more.

Does my song gets accepted in all the Playlists you pitch to ?

We do pitch to all the number of Playlists mentioned in each package, rest depends upon curators and we have a good conversion ratio.

Do you pitch to same Playlist everytime we order?

Not at all, this is the uniqueness of our gig. We keep on building relation with new Curators so that we have room for every new client.

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