I will pitch your music to playlists, blogs and curators

I will pitch your music to playlists, blogs and curators


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Playlist pitching is the best way to get your music to reach a broader audience, create more engagement and following on social media.

How does song pitching work?

I make sure your song reaches the right people and platforms by submitting them to databases where curators, bloggers & scouts listen to your song.

How do I do this?

  • Pitching your song to industry leading playlists, curators and blogs covering all major streaming services (Spotify, Apple music, …)
  • I make a brief description/bio of your song to go along with the pitch
  • E-mailing my +500 contact list of worldwide DJ’s, radio’s, curators,…

What can you expect from this gig?

  • Spotify (Apple music,…) playlist placements
  • Valuable reviews from curators
  • Worldwide streams
  • Increased audience


Is a playlist placement guaranteed?

No. Unfortunately we can’t control nor influence what the curator does with your song. Most of the time your song gets accepted.
I’ll do my best but no promises 🙂

How long before I can see results?

Usually within 1-2 weeks.

How long will my song stay in a playlist?

2 to 4 weeks. If the curator really likes your song, they might keep it longer in their playlists.

How many streams/plays will the pitch generate?

The longer you’re in a playlist, the more plays it generates. Unfortunately we can’t control how long a curator decides to keep you in their lists.

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Jun 2019

Avg. response time

3 hours

Last delivery

about 4 hours

5 reviews for I will pitch your music to playlists, blogs and curators

  1. moss11_

    REAL feedback from REAL playlist curators! Highly recommend this service, I got accepted to a few popular playlists, and got constructive feedback from a lot of playlists.

  2. dominiquehar884

    Awesome experience, sell had great professionalism and great communication thought out the processes. I didn’t receive the bump I was hoping for however, I gathered valuable feedback. I also appreciate that this is not a get rich quick scheme. Thanks for your time and plan on working together in the future.

  3. arimanninen

    Excellent and good spirited communication! Even though the rate of approval for playlists was low in my case, I still got very good and insightful feedback from the curators, so the results were as good as one can expect from this kind of a service. Might buy again for my next single release 🙂

  4. themagicepic

    Everyone is submitting to the same people , so my money was completely wasted , by far the worst campaign I’ve ever done ..
    I don’t think it was the sellers fault , just the whole set up is majorly flawed , a lot of the curators are curators because they are such terrible musicians.
    Very disappointed with the result

  5. lerenard242

    Great honest communication, valuable feedback and open dialogue. Does his best to provide you with info and overview what he does and what people say, vital information for any band/producer. Recommended!

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