I will play and chart your music next to mainstream artists

I will play and chart your music next to mainstream artists


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Submit your music to be played on a licensed station, based in a major American market. Standard and Premium submissions will climb the charts for three to four weeks.

There are three options for submission:

Basic: Submit one song to be spun once a day for two weeks.

Standard: One song will play three times a day for three weeks. Enjoy a three week run on the charts. Your single will climb into the Top 25.

Premium: One song will play in heavy rotation. Your music will spin and be on the charts for four weeks. The submitted single is guaranteed to reach the Top 10.

Purchasing this gig will not automatically guarantee any fans, likes, followers, tweets, plays, views, or streams on other platforms. This gig is for radio airplay. People will hear your music. However, I cannot force them to like it. 


Can the music contain explicit lyrics?

It is fine to submit the explicit version of your song if you choose.

Can you listen to my music and tell me which song to submit?

No, radio stations do not decide which song an artist should submit. If you need help with this, I suggest hiring a manager.

Does the airplay count toward my royalties?

Royalty payments for airplay are made by Performance Rights Organizations (PRO’s) business as usual. Songwriters, publishers, and artists can earn royalties for radio airplay, but it is not guaranteed by just purchasing this gig.

Does the airplay count towards BDS, Mediabase, or the Billboard charts?

No, this gig is not affiliated with Nielsen (BDS), iHeartMedia (Mediabase), or Billboard-Hollywood Reporter (Billboard).

How long before my song hits the charts?

Submissions received before Saturday night at 11:59 PM CST are eligible to hit the chart that week.

What do I need to submit?

The requirements are: The song’s title, the artist’s name, album art or picture, and the song preferably in mp3 format. Wav files are acceptable. Links from Soundcloud, Spotify, and Youtube are suitable for submission, however this gig does not guarantee streams or plays on those platforms.

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5 reviews for I will play and chart your music next to mainstream artists

  1. tdubent

    this gig is by far the best radio gig on Fiverr in my opinion I will definitely me submitting all of my new music music with this gig from now on. my only complaint is that he called me a “young man” when he introduced my song but Im a LGBTQ artist so I’m kinda use to that and at 30+ I’ll take it

  2. mooremusic

    I’ve been submitting music to this station for about 5 years now (Many Singles) and every single time they do me RIGHT!!! DJ Special Blend is a joy to work with and as you can see his rating will continue to be 5 Stars***** HE’S THE BEST!!!

  3. woodypasti

    This was the first time we used this promotion and personally I am very satisfied . We got a review about the song we submitted and not just an automatic reply but a short opinion which even if it reflects to the way to do a business and avoid bad ratings, it is still more than I expected in this digital fake world. I’m happy with Blacknostaljack’s service, and hope he and the listeners enjoyed this song. Cheers

  4. empressoffxe

    idk where to start but I will say that this might be by the far the dopest seller on here! He gave me an incredible review on my new release and his introduction to my record on the show was superb! He had me wanting to hear the song as if I never heard it lol! Thank you!!!

  5. unspokenrivalry

    I didn’t tip because I got a bother one ima let u work on. it will be a masterd song of mine. loved your work on this gonna bump it up to the next package.
    b4 the weeks over YOU WILL!! hear from be .. thank you for making this part of my life that would never happen….,Happened!!

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