I will play your hip hop song on fm radio to thousands of people



Are you an artist, musician who is looking to grow the fan base, or maybe you are looking to skyrocket your music and more exposure?

If you want BDS Spins and Mediabase chart action with multiple radio stations and major stations. We have connections with promotional companies that deal with that sort of thing. Just ask and we will provide all the information for you


Kiss 104.7 is for artists seeking legit FM radio airplay. Real listeners real song rotation. . Kiss offers you the ability to have REAL listeners listen to hear your music in cars and homes radio. Get your music played on the radio for 1 day for as little as $35. We offer packages that provide substantial airplay! You can be interviewed. We can have your song sent to 500 stations or more! 


➡️Worldwide audiences 

➡️Organic promotion 

➡️Organic Engagements

➡️100% safe and quality marketing service

➡️Grow your new fan base

➡️Priority customer support

And so much more!


NOTE: Before placing an order do READ THE FAQS, and check the requirements. So there is no misunderstanding. We are NOT the Pheonix AZ or NY station. We are in the southeast south of Atlanta GA.



Why did you discontinue the 15 dollar airplay? How often will my music be played?

Management decided to discontinue the initial 15 dollar order because there were so many artists that weren’t serious about real airplay. One day of airplay doesn’t benefit the artist. Plus with Fiverr taking 20% of their cut it just wasn’t financially worth the time invested.

Is this a real radio station or internet only?

Kiss 104.7 is an FM radio station in the Southeast United States. Because of Fiverr requirements, we do NOT post-social media sites, websites or streaming sites. We tried that and received a warning strike on our account. We aren’t allowed to. We record a full broadcast and send it to you.

Can my music contain profanity?

The FCC does not take kindly to that and all it takes is one complaint to lose a license. In recent years the FCC not only holds stations responsible but has gone after artists as well. WE can make a radio edit of your song so that’s, not a problem but let us know when ordering

Will I be payed royalities for my music?

That really depends on how your deal is set up. If you are only doing a $25 gig or even spending hundreds of dollars understand that you need more airplay before you will see a check. Be realistic. You will NOT receive royalty checks from 1 spin or one station.

Do you offer proof of broadcast of my order? How will I know it was played?

Yes, we actually provide proof of broadcast audio that we record off our on the air signal and send it to your inbox. It’s probably why or services are so popular. You actually receive audio of your song being introduced and played on the station. WE DON’T ANNOUNCE TIMES OR DAYS.

Can I provide my own advertisement to submit to you?

Yes you can. Just be sure its a 30 second ad unless you are doing a monthly order. Then we allow 60 seconds

Do I have to send you a mp3 or wav file? Can you download from Soundcloud or I tunes etc..?

You need to send the actual song through fiverr. We don’t download from 3rd party sites because 1) It takes too long and holds up the process. Number 2 we run the risks of virus etc.. Do not send a link…send the audio of the actual song

Can I get specific times when my song will be played?

NO! we tried that early on but it was too problematic. Clients would miss times listening and would request additional times, Song times would be moved because of contest, newscast, phone topics etc. It became a problem which is why we went to proof of audio where we record off the radio itself

Why don’t you announce times or days of the song when it will be played?

We tried that in the beginning and it was a disaster. People would never check their inbox in time. Sometimes times would be changed b/c of news/weather updates, contests or remotes. People would complain b/c didn’t hear the broadcast or couldn’t get the stream. It became a problem. So we stopped

Where is the station located and can I hear it?

Our station is located in the southeast portion of the US. Our signal reaches into both Georgia and Alabama. We are actually located south of Atlanta and Montgomery. We do not have an online signal. We are strictly FM broadcast by design. If you are in the area you are free to listen.

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