I will play your music on 12 radio stations for 2 months in brazil

I will play your music on 12 radio stations for 2 months in brazil


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This is the best deal EVER!!! I will play your music on 12 radio stations including FM in Brazil for 2 months non stop!!! I will make people listen to your music until they memorize every word of it! Just send over your song and or music vídeo via Spotify/ Youtube link and you are on air for Brazil, the largest country in South America! This gig has no limits! You can send as many songs as you need and I will play them, share the link(s) to Facebook, send proof to you and wait for you to tune in and listen for yourself. Hurry up and place your order! Tell me where on the planet you’ll reach millions of people on FM radio and TV for the price of my gig? Even my PREMIUM beats the price. Tell me what TV in the world will play your music for just 5 dollars? Well I will!!! Place your order now before I raise this price!

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5 reviews for I will play your music on 12 radio stations for 2 months in brazil

  1. jonnyjane

    Great communication and I also love the links and the video with the song playing on the radio stations provided
    Muito obrigado

  2. ppxp_records

    This gig delivers what they describe and I´ll tell you it’s a lot of fun as well. You probably won’t “go viral” from radio play on these radio stations, but there is something really satisfying about knowing that your music can reach people in different areas of the world. In regards to the results it’s probably to early to tell but it doesn’t really matter: This seller definitely deliver what they offer and the gig is from our perspective well worth it. Recommended.

  3. treywyze

    The seller is professional in his delivery and if everything goes well this would be a very nice promotion for our song. I highly recommend this seller for radio promotion!

  4. jade2391

    Super impressed! Got the GIg done in blazing speed. Folks if you want to get your music promoted gloriatransle is who you need to get done.

  5. matthewninoazcu

    Wow! And they show you a live video of where and how your music is being played. Buy this gig now!

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