I will play your music on the radio

I will play your music on the radio


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You Say Who Can Play Your Music On The Radio? 


UK talk and Great Music Radio will. With over 10 years of broadcasting the radio station has gained the experience to promote rock music effectively.


You’ll have the whole team at the radio station behind you 


On The Basic Package we play your music on the radio.

On The Standard Package 

We will create a fan page for you that will last for one year. This is awesome for gaining more followers. 

There’s also a questions and answers from our listeners for you. This is brilliant way to gain more followers and interest in you as you become a personality and develop your persona. 


On The Premier Package  

We’ll do all the above and enter your song into our UK talk radio charts. How awesome would you feel if your music reached top 20 in the charts? 


Think of it like this. The charts are a showcase so if the song gets into the top 20 new potential fans are more likely to buy it because they can see that others have liked it enough to get it into the charts. 

Your music is featured in the UK Talk Radio Music Showcase. Our listeners spend a lot of time on this page. 


When does delivery time start ?

Delivery time starts from when we have all content from you, and for The Premium Package, this starts when we have photos and descriptions from you.

Who will hear my song ?

When we play your music on the radio we broadcast on our own Android app, on our own dedicated Windows player, The Tune In Radio app and other platforms. Our listeners will hear your song across all these platforms.

What do you need from me ?

Depending on the package you are taking out, an mp3 copy of your song no longer than 5 minutes in length, 2 jpeg photos, and up to 500 words about you as a band or artist. If you write your own music, then tell us about the inspiration for your songs.

What Type of Music Do your Listeners Like?

Our listeners love a great variety music.
From Pop Music, Rock Music, EDM, Blues and more.
From EDM To Country.
From Blues to Rock.
We have a home for you on UK Talk & Great Music Radio

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United Kingdom

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Dec 2020

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5 reviews for I will play your music on the radio

  1. janicewillis

    My single, Ever Since The Day got to number 2, and Sing got to number 1. I am so glad that I ordered this gig.
    If you’re in doubt about whether your song will meet the criteria, message the seller first and attach a YouTube video link.
    You will be given rough times to tune in and listen to your song on the air, and the link to tune in.
    The seller is always nice and polite. 100 percent genuine with proof! Place an order

  2. radiodrivemusic

    This is one of the best gigs for radio promotion on Fiverr – absolutely wonderful people to work with.
    A special thank you to the team at UK Talk Radio for adding my music and the fan page! You guys rock!!

  3. touch1968

    The seller was absolutely brilliant. An awesome service provided by the team. Prompt and really good quality. Would definitely use again. Highly recommended.

  4. pcbriscoeholmes

    It was an okay experience. I had a few issues. First, they did not check the artist name on the tracks I sent them and they had my personal name listed and i had to contact them to correct that. Also, one of my songs was listed under the wrong name on their music charts. I ordered the premium under the impression I would have a write up and an interview done. The write up was just a copy and paste of a bio that I wrote myself and I was never contacted for an interview or heard or saw an ad. I have been listening to the show and I have not even heard my song played once and it is supposed to be played often. This just feels wrong.

  5. gothdaddymusic

    Awesome to work with. Was a fantastic experience and very professional. I am excited to see the outcome of this service. I know it will exceed my expectations. Thank you so much!!

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