I will play your music to 1000s on radio

I will play your music to 1000s on radio


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We are a London UK Based Radio – Seeking Talent – Londons Energy Radio is a Web-based radio since 2015 We have built an outstanding amount of listeners and artists to our radio, we drive our radio with music submitted from artists and DJs and Radio Presenters going live on air. in our time on time we have uploaded over 400+ Artists to our radio and a lot come back due to the professional promotion and time we take to make sure our artists and listeners have the best listening pleasure. 


Your track is added to general rotation giving you 14 plays in 14 days.

We will require you to send us an Album artwork, bio, location, social media links, website, genre with every music submission.


This pack includes heavy rotation of 55 Plays a Month + Artist Page on our website and Mobile app 

Containing the track to listen to and any social media links and bio of artists, this will be provided to you before delivery. 

We will require you to send us an Album artwork with every music submission.


This Package allows all of the above + Social Media Posts + Mixcloud/Soundcloud Upload on Our Station Profile + Our Cloud Featured Member Sites

1 MP3 Per Order or $5 per MP3


Can you prove my song playing

Yes you can check our playlist at anytime. link given on order

Do you pay royalties

we do this for the love of music and to gain unheard artists to help promote them

is artist name required

yes this helps our listeners to know who they are listening to

is my location needed

its not needed but it helps for our listeners to know what part of the world you are from, just a city name will do

is my genre needed

yes it will help our listeners identify what genre they are listening too

i dont have a record label is that ok

thats ok we will fill the record label in with your artist name / song

i dont have any social media links is this ok

Although it helps it is not a requirement but will help listeners follow your music

do i need a website link

no we will use either your spotify link or other platform link or we will simply put N/A

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United Kingdom

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Dec 2018

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7 hours

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2 days

5 reviews for I will play your music to 1000s on radio

  1. hashbangenter

    Generally positive, a bit of a miscommunication but we got there in the end and I’m happy. It’ll be interesting to see how I could track plays as it doesn’t connect to Spotify or another artist service.

  2. chazieraysmilez

    Energy Radio is always the first stop for my latest release. I enjoy the interaction with the people, the presentation of my material, and the amount of rotation I receive. Again, a beautiful outlet for independent artists. Be back when #3 is ready

  3. songwrite8

    I did not know how to enter Meta tags in my order on playing the song on radio. These folks did it for me so helped very much. My track is included now in the playlist with my artwork as I expected from this gig, Planning to submit my other track to onlineaudience. Thank you guys.

  4. black_majestic

    I Have Used This Service Before. Very Professional, Very Quick And Very Polite, Best Wishes-Thanks For Pitching My Record ~ Black Majestic

  5. sidbarnes2

    Easy, and very cooperative to work with. Very fast service and end results were very satisfying. Anxious to work with them again.

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