I will play your song in a popular pop and electronic fm station


We radio is a popular FM and online radio station with a large audience in Argentina.

We radio plays only the most important hits of the musical charts, in the genres HOUSE, TECHHOUSE, DEEPHOUSE, MELODIC TECHNO, PROGRESSIVE HOUSE and DEEPTECH (NOT EDM, TECHNO, TRANCE, ACID or INSTRUMENTAL SONGS) in spanish and english. Your signal is transmitted from m90radio.com and 89.9 FM in Rosario, Santa Fe, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with commercial breaks. M90Radio have you own app on Play Store and Apple Store, is also available on TUNE IN RADIO, ONLINERADIOBOX and other web platforms.

With this gig your song will sound on the radio with prior approval. it will be included in the rotating music.



Can all songs rotate on our Radio?

No. Your song will also be subjected to quality control, in terms of recording and mixing. It is important to previously send the song before buying, otherwise, if the song is not suitable, the gig will be charged the same but it will not be reproduced. Please send us your song before purchasing.

If my song is not suitable for the station and I already bought the gig, what can I do?

We ask that you send us the song before buying the gig since our station does not accept any song. This allows us to continue to maintain a quality standard that benefits us all. If you have bought the gig and the song is not suitable it will not play and the sale will be completed

What will I receive with my delivery?

– A screenshot where you will read the artist’s name and the name of the song in the radio’s playlist.
– A web link to monitor your song on the radio.

Should I send my song?

When buying this GIG, you must attach your MP3 or WAV song here. You must clearly indicate the name of the artist and the name of the song. I suggest you do it like this: Artist: XXXX Song: XXXX

Why does the order say: “3 Days Delivery”?

3 days is the time it will take us to start playing your song on the radio. 3 days after you order, your song will be included in the station’s playlist.

Can I request an extra fast delivery?

Sure! For an additional cost, I can deliver your order in just 1 day.

I play covers or remixes of other songs, can I buy this GIG?

Sure! We love remixes and covers.

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