I will playlist 1 of your songs on jamsphere radio and post to twitter and fb fans


I will playlist your
original song 
on our
24/7 daily rotation
 radio schedule. The song will remain on our playlists for a maximum of 6 months. This is done to ensure that radio playlists stay within limits allowing all artists to be heard regularly and not get lost in a myriad of stale music.


++++ I will also POST news of your radio play listing to our Social Media Platforms

++++ The songs sent for inclusion on our radio station should be have
 a bitrate of at least 128kbps in the mp3 format

all genres
modern popular music
are accepted

++++ If in doubt as to whether your songs are suitable for airplay please message me so we can check it out.

++++ By purchasing this gig, you
that your material
does not
infringe any
royalty or international copyright laws

Please Note:
This is for air play on a dedicated web-based radio station, and has nothing to do with Spotify-type playlists etc.

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