I will produce a lyric video with live action visuals

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😍Amaze your audience with a story-based live-action lyric video!

Music video production usually requires locations, filming days, actors, and the list goes on. 

And the price? Usually huge.

That’s why we are here to provide a shorter and efficient process at an affordable price!

We want to give a quality solution to artists who do not have a high budget for music videos!

👇Check our portfolio👇

🎬How do we do that?

Using relevant stock footage, creative, modern, aesthetic editing style

And with experience of over 1500 music videos and lyric videos.

🎬What do you get:

+ A professional lyric video that represents your song story.

+ Creativity and experience as the main spice.

+ Budget-friendly price.

💬What do you provide?

  • A brief explanation of the meaning of your song.
  • Your song audio file.
  • Your lyrics.

🔥Let us breathe visual life into your song and produce your next lyric video!


You have 20+ orders in queue, can you still deliver on time?

Don’t worry about the amount of orders we have In queue.
We work as a team, and we know how to manage our work load.
We are committed to our deadlines, and we always deliver on time 🙂

Can I see your portfolio?

Sure, here is a YouTube playlist with our recent projects:

My song is in a different language, can you work on it?

As long as your lyrics are in roman letters, we can work on it.
We made lyric videos in French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, and many more different languages!
Feel free to contact me about it!

From where do you get your visuals?

From 3 huge stock footage libraries.
All of them are royalty-free and licensed.
We have the legal permission to them commercially.
You’ll never face any copyright issue, guaranteed.

I already have a music video, can you only add the lyrics?

Yes! please contact me for a quote.

I have raw footage that I shoot, can you edit it to a music video?

Please check this gig:

Can I choose scenes myself?

Yes, Choose the “Choose scenes” Extra and I’ll send you a link to my stock footage source and guide you 🙂

My song is longer than 5 minutes, what should I do?

Add the “Up tp 8-minute song” extra on my gig extras 🙂

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