I will produce an amazing 2d animation music video for you

I will produce an amazing 2d animation music video for you


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Hey, I’m Steff, a studied illustrator, animation artist and stately certified designer from Berlin, Germany. In over 10 years experience in professional design I developed a style that is influenced by 90s cartoons, 60s psychedelica, 80s aesthetics and by nowadays GIF-Art.

Whenever a Gig requires additional manpower I work together with a well interacting team of other creatives that I know for years and that support me when it comes for example to storyboard creation or video editing.

Usual work process:

1. Conception

I set up a moodboard that is also editable for you. We decide for a color scheme. We agree on a short summary of the story and I set up a storyboard.

2. Design Draft

I design non moving drafts and send it to you for confirmation of the overall style.

3. Animation Draft

I animate first scenes and send it to you for confirmation.

4. Animatic

I send you a full length video with background music and the non moving graphics.

5. Delivery Rough Cut & Revision Rounds

I forward you the first rough animated cut and we update it until we are finished. If you need Thumbnails or other graphics or short clips of the video for promotion I can set that up for you.


Where can I see more of your work?

My main digital outlet is: www.instagram.com/trippiesteff and www.steffs-stuff.de

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Mar 2018

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2 hours

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4 days

5 reviews for I will produce an amazing 2d animation music video for you

  1. niclasankerdk

    Super pro – Super creative – Wow – Highly recommended

  2. borderpsych

    Trippie Steff has a unique psychedelic style that can make any project a great experience. He accepted my revision and even added a few shots that look amazing. He’s a great artist & I highly recommend hiring & collaborating with Steff!

  3. iofiver

    Nice, Perfect!

  4. vadimdusman

    Had a great experience working with Trippiesteff. I’m very satisfied with the result, and communication was perfect as well.

  5. seth_laurent

    Steff will work with you until you’re happy πŸ™‚

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