I will produce an animated music lyric video for your song

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About This Gig

What do i do:

First of all I will listen to your song deeply to make a video that appropriates with your song’s genre, the theme, and the atmosphere.

 your video will be 100% Customized.

As we all know

“Behind every song, there is a good story to tell, I believe that any artist should be able to tell his story through a lyric video without investing a lot of money and energy, it should be simple and affordable.”

That’s why I’m here to make sure it will be simple and affordable for EVERYONE.

What will you get in service:

  1. You can pick font, colors & backgrounds
  2. You can add your own image or video Full HD (1080p) quality
  3. Cool Visual & Background effects
  4.  You can also leave everything up to me

I will need:

  • Audio file of the song
  • Lyrics of the song


Please Message me before placing the order to reduce cancellations

Thank you for visiting.

  • Video Type
  • Animated


How can I send you my files?

Fiverr allows attachments of up to 30MB, but you can send files much larger than that by using Google Drive (don’t forget to set it to “public”). You can copy and paste the shareable link from these websites into our inbox.

Do you offer 24 hour delivery?

Depending on workload and orders in queue, I MAY be able to offer 24-hour delivery. Please contact me in advance and I’ll let you know!

can i see soome work?

yeah please contact me and share the details of you work i will provide you the work related to your project.

Do you work with other languages besides English?

Yes. As long as the alphabet is in Latin so I can properly sync it with the audio.

What Do I Receive With The Premium Package?

Premium Package – Special Lyric Video, Professional Animated Text Effects, Stock Video in Background or Animated Background, Pro Colorful Elements & VFX, 4k Ultra Quality, PRO FONTS, No Words Limits. 5 to 7 Days Delivery Time.

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