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❓❓ – If you are unsure what the difference between mixing & mastering is; please message me first and we’ll discuss your project before you purchase!


What exactly is MASTERING?

Mastering is a form of post-production, the final step that ensures your songs are the best they can be before you distribute them. Think of it as the final process that adds punch, clarity, warmth & competitive loudness. It differs from mixing in that we only use the final song file; no stems

What exactly is MIXING?

Audio mixing is the process by which multiple sounds are combined into one or more channels. In the process, the separate mixer tracks or “stems” are leveled and individual effects such as EQ, Compression, De-Essing, Reverb, etc is applied to each individual instrument and vocal.

Do you charge extra to send the master back as a WAV file?

Absolutely not! While some other sellers may charge you more to send back a WAV file, I send back my masters in any file format you want (multiple formats if needed).

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