I will professionally master your track

I will professionally master your track


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Hi, I’m a Norway based music producer, mix-engineer, and YouTuber with more than 25 years of experience in the music business.

Here’s what I can do:

Professionally master your track to perfection in my high-quality studio.

Just let me know what kind of master you’d prefer when ordering:

  • Dynamic master
  • Loud master
  • CD master
  • Streaming master

My goal is to deliver a master that is 100% to your liking. 


  • The file MUST be a high-quality WAV file (16 – 32 bit) 44100 khz. 
  • There must be at least 3-6 dB headroom on the track. 
  • The track must have a good dynamic range
  • Make sure there is no compression or limiting on the master, or I won’t be able to do much with it. 
  • Attach the file when ordering, and I will master it and upload the mastered file when I’m done. 
  • Make sure there is no noise or other problems in the mix!

The final product will be sent to you as a high-quality 44.1 KHz 24 bit WAV file. You’ll also get a 320 kbps MP3 file. If you want 32 bit or a 16 bit CD master instead, just let me know.

Not sure how to prepare a track for mastering?

Check out this video tutorial on how to make a proper premaster:



How do I send you my track?

You can attach the track when ordering, simply click on the attachment icon and upload your file.

Which file formats can I send?

I prefer high quality WAV files; 32 bit 44100 khz.

I’m not sure if my track is ready for mastering, can you help me decide?

If you’re not 100% sure about your track I recommend you check out my feedback gig. You can also check out this video about how to prepare a premaster: https://youtu.be/q9flsQ5VnFQ
If you’re unsure about anything, please contact me before ordering.

What If I’m not happy with the master?

There’s 1 revision included when ordering. If you’re not happy with the master, just contact me and I’ll make changes free of charge. If you need additional revisions then you can buy extra revisions for just $5.

There is noise in my song. Can you fix this during mastering?

NO! Make sure there is no noise or any other kind of problems in the mix before ordering. Such problems should be fixed during the mixing stage, and cannot be fixed during mastering. Any attempt to do so would greatly reduce the quality of your master.

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May 2016

Avg. response time

2 hours

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about 53 minutes

5 reviews for I will professionally master your track

  1. ohminous

    Brought my track to life with brightness and warmth. Very easy to talk to and does fast work. Subscribe to his channel on YouTube and you won’t be sorry. He is full of knowledge and makes the most easy to watch tutorials on producing that I think I’ve ever seen.

  2. iamvalhalla

    FireWalk always delivers, perfect every time.
    We rarely even communicate about the gig(s) nowadays because he knows exactly what I need, and I know i’ll get it. 5-stars.

  3. wilfpittams

    Firewalk was very clear and helpful when I asked for the best approach for mastering my song, and the result was high quality as expected.

  4. mbeecham177

    I will definitely be getting another gig from Firewalk. Great communication, high quality mastering job, very quick service, and was helpful with all my questions. I would highly recommend!

  5. nextechprod

    Top notch service along with quick and hassle free delivery, Seller was interactive and took suggestions well. Overall good communication and service.

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