I will professionally mix and master any song you need


Hey, let’s work together!!

I’ll process your song the same way I did with all my top played songs. Any number of tracks or length is allowed. My main objective here is to help you tell your history using your music. Just like a clean canvas, I’m here to paint some or a lot of colours on it with you!

I use Pro Tools HD and I only work with high-end plugins/ gear.


  • Tascam us 16×08;
  • Yamaha NS-10, Soundcraft Absolute 4p;
  • Lisciel Audio Handmade Vari-MU Mastering Compressor;
  • Lisciel Audio Handmade Stereo Master EQ;
  • Industry Standard Metering Tools;
  • Hand-picked Digital Plugins;
  • Izotope RX and Ozone;

What you will get:

  • 44.1khz/ 16 Bits and 48khz/24 Bits mastered wav files;
  • MP3 (320/kbps) version of your song(s);
  • Go to this playlist below and check my work;


Feel free to send me any messages to discuss details or if you have any questions about the gig.


Where can I check your work?

You can click the link above! It’ll send you to my official playlist with all the main songs I mastered. You can also look for them on YouTube! I have over 27 million streams across both platforms!

What do I need to send to you?

Send me the files with every audio consolidated to the same duration. If you use Pro Tools, you can send me the session too.

Will your mastering respect the LUFS standards on streaming services?

Yes, if the client wants. Streaming is around -14LUFS, but commercial releases are still mastered a bit louder due to the loudness wars. Usually I deliver my masters around -9 LUFS. You get a consistent and competitive master without distorting.

How will you deliver the files?

I will send you two master files:
-44.1khz/ 16 bit
-48khz/ 24 bit
About the final level, the mastered files play at -9LUFS. If you want any other LUFS level, just tell me!

What if I need more than one song?

I can offer custom packages! Multiple songs get a discount! Message me first so that we can talk about the project!

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