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Hi! My name is Andy and Welcome to my Mixing and Mastering Gig, I’m a audio engineer with 7+ years of experience and an audio engineering degree, Currently I work as a freelance for Estudiscampet (Recording Studio) (Mallorca, Spain).

For Eps And Albums Prices Send Me a Message to Make a Custom Deal.


  • VOCAL PITCH CORRECTION – TUNING (Melodyne – Autotune)
  • MIXING & MASTERING (Levels adjustment, Comp, Eq, Full Effects, etc)
  • Sample Replacement / Drum Enhancing (Premium package)
  • Unlimited revisions (Premium package)


  • High Quality 24-bit Wav file (Master)
  • High Quality 16-bit wav file (Master for digital streaming)
  • 320kbps mp3 file        
  • Sending Mixed Group Stems – 20$
  • Instrumental version – 10$


  • Send Stems/Tracks without processing (EQ, Compression, fx, etc) or with process that you want include (make sure that the tracks are in synch).
  • If available a demo mix for reference.

Excited to work on your music!


I have multiple songs, can you offer me a discount for EPs and Albums?

Yes, please contact me for details so we can discuss your project and I can make you a custom offer.

What are the requirements for a track to be mixed and mastered?

Send me WAV files of each stem/track without processing, (no EQ, Compression, Reverb, panning, etc) or With Process that you want include. Also, make sure that the tracks are in synch. If you wish you can send me your rough mix and/or a reference track.

How can I send you the files?

We prefer you to keep everything through Fiverr, but if the file size exceeds we can go through email, link from wetranfer or google drive if necessary.

My project is larger than 50 stems, can I still place an order?

Please give me a touch and I’ll write you a custom order, the pricing on my gigs are based on the number of stems in a project as that gives me a rough indication of how much time I’ll need to spend on a mix. I’ll be happy to write you a custom order that suits you.

I only need Mastering. What do you need from me in order to start working?

When you bounce your project down for mastering, the file should be a WAV file. Make sure that your tracks are not clipping. Leave around -6 db of headroom. Avoid processing on the master output that affects dynamics.

Do you offer revisions with your gig?

Yes, I always send premasters and masters in the way and only deliver the final product once you are 100% satisfied with what I’ve delivered.

What are Multitracks/Stems?

Multitracks refer to the individual files/elements that make up the entire song/production (i.e. kick, snare, lead guitar, rhythm guitar, Lead Vocal, background vocals, etc.). Stems are the mutlitracks combined into stereo group tracks (i.e. Drums, bass, guitars, keyboards, vocals, etc.)

Can you offer me a sample/demo mix?

I can not promise but I’ll be able to provide a sample mix all the time, please reach out to me and tell me more about your project! I’ll do the best to provide a sample/demo mix if my schedule permits.

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