I will professionally mix and master your music



**Please make sure all tracks are consolidated to your starting from zero before sending. (This will ensure that all tracks are lined up and play back in sync)**

**I most likely will not need the full 21 day lead time but it enables wiggle room for any errors or problems that may arise anytime during the mixing/mastering process. It also enables enough time for quality refinement on your track.

Mixing Package: I will mix your music (Up to 30 stems and 10 minutes maximum – MASTERING IS AN EXTRA ADD-ON)

All genres are welcome!


Is Mastering a separate add-on from the mix?

Yes, you would have to add Mastering to your order for me to Master your track.

Do you know how to use Auto-Tune?

Yes, I have extensive knowledge in using Auto-Tune. Please also keep in mind that the quality of your vocals also affects the quality and accuracy of your Auto-Tune once applied.

Is Auto-Tune a separate add-on from the mix?

Yes, Auto-Tune is a separate add-on to the mix if needed.

Can you mix my vocals with my Auto-Tune?

Yes, I can definitely mix vocals that have Auto-Tune on them already. As long as it is just Auto-Tune, everything should be fine. This would also help cut back costs on your overall price.

Can you mix my vocals that have effects on them already?

No, I cannot mix vocals that have effects on them. Instead You should send me your vocals raw or only with Auto-Tune applied and then send your reference file through the ordering process so I can mimic and most likely improve the sound you were going for.

Will it really take 21 days to finish my track?

No, on average I will have your first submission mix/master back to you within the next few days after placing your order. The extra time allows a stress free creative refinement process for myself and the current artist I am working with.

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