I will professionally mix and master your rap, trap, or hip hop song


About Me:

Born and raised in Italy I moved to Los Angeles in 93 to study music. Shortly after I became the owner of a small recording studio right on the world famous Sunset Blvd in Hollywood. After few years of recording local rock bands I was lucky enough to have found myself working with George Clinton (Parliament- Funkadelic), The Zeroes, and At The Drive-In, which led me being hired as a Second Engineer atΒ Larrabee Sound Studios. From there I was able to work alongside some of the greatest mixing engineers of our times such as Neal H Pogue, Manny Marroquin, Terry Date, Neal Avron, Dave Bianco etc. and gained tremendous experience working with artists such as Eminem, Outkast, Earth Wind & Fire, Mariah Carey, Mac 10, Fingertight, DJ Shadow and many more.

I tailored this gig specifically around the needs of the Urban, Hip Hop, and Rap artists.

In this gig I will Mix and Master your song to a Professional standard, while retaining your artistic vision, and provide you will all the files needed Distribution.


Do you mix in the Box?

Yes I use Pro-Tools, Logic Pro X or Luna depending the on format of which your song has been sent in. I use a larger variety of Plugins but I mostly use Universal Audio UAD powered plugins to give your mix that analog console feel we all are always striving to achieve.

What kind of Files should I send?

Ideally you should send me WAV files at 44.1k or higher resolution. I have mixed MP3s before but because of being a very poor audio format there just as much as I can do to make your song sound as good as it should sound.

Do I need to remove the effects?

Ideally yes, you should remove any EQ, compressor, reverb and whatnot from your instruments, specially your vocals, unless there are pf course special effect or sounds that are specific to the production.

How revisions works?

After the gig has been delivered you’ll be able to ask for revision in case there’s anything you wish to be change. I will be of course more than happy to oblige, make the requested changes and redeliver the work for you

Do you accept custom orders?

Of course, specially if you have are working on releasing a full album or EP I can work with you in getting you a package deal, or anything else you might need

What plugins and software do you use?

Depending on the gig I use either Pro-Tools, Logic or Luna, and I use all the major manufacturer plugins, from Universal Audio to Waves, Fab Filter, Sonnox , etc.

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Mar 2020

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