I will professionally mix and master your song


Please feel free to contact me before you place an order, if you think that I should check your files before we proceed, so I can create the best offer for your project. Check out FAQs as well.

Basic package:

I will master your song (any genre/style) in one day. You will receive a professional quality master for low price! Basic package applies to completed songs (already mixed) in WAV, Aiff or MP3 format, your choice. Each song is carefully processed with my equipment and setup which includes Equalization, Compression, Exciters/Saturation, Multi-Band Processing, Stereo Imaging, Bass Boost & more producing stuff.

Standard and Premium package:

Packages for full Mixing and Mastering services.

You will get professionally mixed and mastered songs, ready for publishing and distribution.

Services included in Full mixing and mastering packages:

  • Equalizer (EQ)
  • Level Balancing
  • Compression
  • Multiband Compression
  • Saturation
  • De Esser (If needed)
  • Stereo Panning
  • Automations (Volume, Panning, Effects etc.)
  • Autotune (If needed, and if you would like it to be used)
  • Reverb, Delay and lot of other effects

And everything that is offered in mastering package.

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Can I make changes in the mix and master after delivery?

Yes, of course! I’m offering an unlimited number of revisions (as long as your requests are doable). Your satisfaction is my priority and I will work on your project until we make it the best possible.

Can I get a sample mix?

Unfortunately, no. I dedicate all my time to provide my buyers with the best services possible. Working on free samples would affect the quality of the samples and jeopardize the time I have for my buyers. Feel free to check out the gig portfolio where you can find more samples of my work.

What if I’ve got more than 20 stems?

Please feel free to contact me and after I check your files I’ll send you a custom offer. You are also able to purchase additional number of the stems from my gig extras.

How do I export stems or trackouts for full mixing and mastering services?

Please contact me for directions. I will respond with an easy to follow YouTube tutorial, showing you how to get your stems ready for mixing and mastering services, dependent on the Daw (Software) you are using.

What is the best way to deliver my files to you?

You can attach your files here, through the order page, or you can use Wetransfer, Google drive, Dropbox, or any server of that kind, where you can upload your tracks and send direct download link to me.

What if I need my project to be done urgently? Could you get it done super fast?

In most of the cases yes, since I am spending the most of my day in the studio. In case you would like your project to be completed the fastest possible, please contact me so we can discuss about it and so I can let you know how fast it would be done and what would be the additional cost for that.

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