I will professionally mix and master your song

I will professionally mix and master your song


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Hey, thank you so much for checking out my gig! I would really appreciate it if you could send over a message & check the frequently asked questions before placing an order.

My main objective is to utilize my 7 years of experience in order to take your creativity/skills to the next level, bring out the best in your music and deliver a professionally mixed and mastered song ready for distribution!

What I offer both within the mixing and mastering process:

  • Usage of industry-standard, high quality plugins;
  • Volume balancing of every element;
  • Corrective equalization for a clean sound;
  • Compression/Multi-band Compression for an overall consistent sound;
  • Autotune at your request (Manual pitch correction available as an extra);
  • Saturation for warmth/brightness;
  • Creative FX (Premium Package only)

What you’ll get:

  • 16/24-bit WAV & 320kbps MP3 in 44.1hz, ready for every platform;
  • Unlimited revisions (for simple adjustments);
  • Progress updates;
  • An overall straightforward and smooth experience!

Send over a message in case you have more than 30 stems!

Excited to work on your music! Thank you.


What is mixing and mastering?

Simply put, mixing is the act of balancing volumes/stereo placement and cleaning individual elements of a track to make it sound as appealing and professional as can be.
Mastering is the final process in which the dynamics/volume of the overall track are adjusted through compression (limiting).

Can you work with vocals too?

Yes, I definitely can but the end-product will depend a lot on the quality of your recordings! I won’t fix major off-beat related issues or do anything that’s more appropriate to do in the recording process, I will only mix them exactly as you send them over.

Do you clean or edit vocals/audio?

I only take care of minor edits and cleanup of clicking/background noise within the context of decently recorded vocals for a song, I don’t offer nor do specialize in cleaning audio for other purposes!

Can you add autotune/manually pitch correct vocals?

Sure! I have a multitude of plugins specialized for it and the extent of how much I’ll work on it and which plugins I’ll use will vary depending on the package you order.
I can also do manual pitch correction! It’s included as an extra and available at checkout or requests.

I only want the mastering, is that possible?

Sure! But mastering won’t fix recording, production or mixing issues.

Can you mix and master tracks outside of Hip-Hop & Electronic Music?

My specialty is within those two but I won’t say no to other genres within certain limits, feel free to send me a message so we can discuss it.

Can I send you the project file?

No, I only work with stems (audio tracks) in 24-bit WAV!

Do you make beats/record vocals?

Currently I don’t offer that type of service. In case you’re confusing mixing and mastering with producing a track/recording vocals, refer to “what is mixing and mastering” question above.

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5 reviews for I will professionally mix and master your song

  1. artistemoniquec

    Second time in a week working with this phenomenal producer, definitely listened to my thoughts and provided exceptional services. I will absolutely work with them again.

  2. ssjeleven

    Even with less then desired quality on my end he stills manages to produce an amazing end product! Best mixing engineer on this app!

  3. therappersid

    Daniel is really awesome to work with! He sends you progress tracks just so you can follow along with him as he works his magic. I had him revise a couple of things and he was super understanding and revised it in a timely manner! He is very talented and I definitely recommend going to him for all your mixing and mastering needs!

  4. jesselu314

    Daniel is by far the most talented, patient, and accommodating seller I’ve worked with on Fiverr. I’ve spent hours pouring over different sellers who offer mixing/mastering services, but nobody comes close to Daniel when it comes to value, quality, and communication. Daniel will go above and beyond to make sure your track sounds exactly the way you want it no, at no additional charge. I strongly recommend working with him!

  5. scottsworld

    I like it a lot, Maybe next time you could make it sound less robotic. Overall i really liked it though Thank you:))

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