I will professionally mix your music in a world class studio


I will mix your music at Hill House Studios using the best analog and digital tools. You will receive a professional product ready to be mastered.

– #1 Best Value For Money 

– Industry Standard Analog and Digital Tools

– Full-time engineer with thousands of credits

– Graduated from the London School of Sound

Top-Grade Mixing Gear

  • SSL Compressor
  • PMC Speakers
  • RME Converters
  • Moog Grandmother
  • Yamaha Ns-10’s Monitors
  • 1176 Based Compressors
  • LA-2A Based Compressors
  • Avid Pro-Tools
  • SSL Fusion
  • HEDDphones


Be sure to understand how to properly export the files.

– Files should be ready for mixing.
– Vocal edits like tuning or time alignment are not included and it will cost an extra.
– All files should be .wav 24bit with the same length, do not remove the fader volume and FX, I will request any dry stem if needed.

Mixing is not magic.

Please, be sure to understand this, as a mixing engineer I totally depend on the source. I will need a well recorded and produced tracks to deliver a great mix.

Be sure to know about the final file you will receive.

All the final mixed file will sound at standard mixing levels, which means much quieter than any released song, the final loudness is achieved during mastering. A proper mastering process is not included in the price.

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